Artisan Gourmet and Liqueur Hamper

Artisan Gourmet and Liqueur Hamper - Flaschengeist (Aust) Pty Ltd

Perfect for the Sophisticated Dad

This hamper oozes sophistication, give Dad a unique gourmet and liqueur tasting experience.

Walnut Liqueur – 200ml onda alta

As a classic flavour, our Walnut Liqueur tantalises the senses with a rich nutty taste. A sophisticated drink, with vanilla undertones its smoothness makes it suitably drunk neat on the rocks with a squeeze of fresh lime. Dessert lovers can create the traditional Affogato (a shot of espresso, liqueur & vanilla bean ice cream) or simply add to your ordinary coffee drink for a flavourful hit.

Origin - Australia

21% alc/vol

Vienna Coffee Liqueur - 200ml onda alta

Rich, smooth and creamy with a full-bodied roasted coffee flavour. Served chilled over ice.

Best kept refrigerated, even when unopened..

Origin- Australia

18% alc/vol

Organic Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil actually gives off the scent of pungent, fresh garlic. As garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in Mediterranean cooking, you can use this in just about anything. Great to toss with pasta, drizzle on mashed potatoes, brush on steaks before grilling, or to dip bread in.

Origin- Australia

250ml Bottle

Egyptian Dukkah

An exotic blend of roasted almonds, sesame seeds and middle-eastern spices.  Use traditionally by dipping crusty bread into olive oil then into dukkah as a healthy dip or use as a Gluten Free crumbing. Lightly crumb chicken or fish, then shallow fry and either eat it as a main meal, or sliced up in a wrap with a big salad.

Origin- Australia

185gm Glass Onda Jar

Himalayan Salt with Cracked Pepper

Natural salt and the freshness of black cracked pepper are the basic staples to any kitchen This combination is a perfect set to season all dishes before, during and after cooking.

Origin- Australia

100gm pouch

Tarralli biscuits

Italian European-style pretzel, that has a rustic appearance and a unique Mediterranean taste. Perfect on any cheese board or platter or used as a canape.

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