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What's inside the box?

Christmas Tree Bottle with your choice of Liqueur - 500ml

2 Flaschengeist Shot Glasses


For a Tree-mendous Christmas

Spread the Christmas Spirit with a Flasch Christmas Tree Bottle Gift Box!

What a great way to thank your family, friends, Corporate Clients/Suppliers or Staff.

The Flasch Details🎄

Designed and manufactured exclusively for Flaschengeist! Any Flasch customer from way back knows we have sold this bottle every Christmas for the past 19 years..... but this year there's more!!!! Extra features of a tree topping Star and baubles have been added too.

What makes our Liqueurs so Flasch?

100% Australian-Made Liqueurs

Wide-range of Specialty Flavours

We Design & Manufacture our own Flavours

Each Liqueur Recipe is exclusive to Flaschengeist

Each bottle is hand-filled to order with TLC

Discover our Australian-Made Liqueurs & Non Alcoholic Range...

Strawberry Liqueur

A delicious Strawberry flavoured liqueur. So versatile it tastes amazing when mixed with Champagne or lemonade

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Splice Liqueur

A unique blend of Melon, Lime & Coconut flavours. Splice Liqueur is the ultimate “Cocktail in a Bottle”. Team with lemonade or soda water - fresh, summery, the perfect cocktail for hot lazy days on holiday.

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Chocolate Coconut Liqueur

A fan of the Bounty choc coconut confectionery? This is it in liquid from! Serve neat with ice or pour over vanilla ice cream

Origin - Australia. 13.9% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Chocolate Cream Liqueur

A premium cream liqueur mixed with the rich flavour of dark chocolate.

It tastes like melted dark chocolate with a smooth creamy finish. Best served cold or over ice.
It can also be poured over ice cream or used in cocktails.

Contains milk products. Store in a dark, cool place and refrigerate after opening.

Origin - Australia. 13.9% alc/vol.

Blue Angel (Orange) Liqueur

Flavour of refreshing & sweet orange. Best added to popular cocktails Blue Hawaiian & Bluebird or mixed with sparkling lemonade.

Serving Suggestions

Add to make the popular Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Serve chilled with ice

Serve with sparkling lemonade or soda water and add a squeeze of fresh lime

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Turkish Delight Liqueur

We're reintroducing the Turkish Delight Liqueur because of the request by so many customers who remember the unique flavours and look of this liqueur.

We have manufactured this product at 18% alcohol rather than 21% so as to experience more of the gentle Fresh Rose Flower flavours and aromatic magic.

The pink colour is extremely clear and resembles the original canter of Turkish Delight confectionery.

The most noticeable feature when you open the bottle is initially the inviting aroma of Rose Flowers.

Best served on ice as a nightcap or two.

Origin - Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Coffee Liqueur

Coffee Liqueur delivers the rich, exotic flavour of Arabica coffee beans. Best enjoyed straight, on the rocks, in your coffee, added to make an Espresso Martini cocktail

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Non Alcoholic Vodka and Lime
A Vodka fan but dread the hangover? Here is an alternative non-alcoholic version of the classic Vodka & Lime. It's ready to drink and you'll be so surprised when the smell of refreshing lime hits your nose. Enjoy chilled with lots of ice, an extra dash of lime juice and for some bubbles mix with sparkling lemonade or mineral water.
Origin - Australia. 0% alc/vol. Size 500ml.



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