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Christmas Tree Bottle - Flaschengeist

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Presented in our Signature Black Flaschengeist Gift Box

Our one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree Bottle is back again for Christmas 2020! Beautifully crafted from premium glass, this bottle is stunning when filled with delicious and colourful liqueurs. The Christmas Tree Bottle makes an excellent Stocking Filler, Christmas Present or even Kris Kringle Gift!

Once the bottle is empty it can be refilled with any number of things to make a stunning centerpiece or bar display. Impress someone this Christmas with our truly unique Christmas Tree Bottle.

Filled with your choice of Australian-made Liqueur, and presented in our Signature Flaschengeist Gift Box with 2 Shot Glasses, this unique gift will sure make someone's Christmas special.




What's inside the box?

Christmas Tree Bottle with your choice of Liqueur - 500ml

2 Flaschengeist Shot Glasses

Discover our Australian-Made Liqueurs...

  • Chocolate Port Liqueur
  • Strawberry Liqueur
  • Lemon Lime & Melon Liqueur
  • Banoffee Liqueur
  • Fig & Vodka Liqueur
  • Toffee Apple Liqueur
  • Sticky Date Liqueur
  • Watermelon Vodka Liqueur
  • Espresso Cream Liqueur
  • Pina Colada Cream Liqueur

Chocolate Port Liqueur

For the connoisseur of fine things. A smooth blend of oak matured Tawny Port and dark Belgium chocolate.
Origin - Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 500ml.
Chocolate Port Liqueur - Flaschengeist
Strawberry Liqueur
Strawberry is a rich, striking red liqueur, expressing a powerful but not over sweet strawberry flavour. Strawberry, is a very popular, modern cocktail flavour, featuring mostly in strawberry versions of the Margarita, Martini and the Daiquiri.
Add a dash to champagne or soak strawberries overnight with a dash of fresh lime
Origin- Australia. 21% alc.vol. Size 500ml.
Strawberry Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Lemon Lime & Melon Liqueur (Limited Edition)

An old school favourite mix of melon, lime and pineapple flavours. Serve with coconut cream or vanilla ice cream to re create the Splice ice block in liquid form. Or enjoy with sparkling lemonade or sods water for a summer refresher.

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Splice Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Banoffee Liqueur

This is absolute bananas! Ripe bananas, sweet toffee and smooth vanilla just like the Banoffee pie but in liquid form. Ideal on it’s own, with ice, drizzled over ice-cream, as a shot in coffee, or as a cheeky dirty milkshake.

Origin- Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Banoffee Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Fig & Vodka Liqueur (Limited Edition)

A decadent blend of syrupy fresh fig combined with the sharp punch of vodka. Smooth, rich and simply refreshing. Best served over shaved ice or with sparkling white wine.

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Fig and Vodka Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Toffee Apple Liqueur (Limited Edition)

This liqueur will take you back to your childhood of crispy apples surrounded in sweet toffee- now it’s in liquid form.

Enjoy added to sparkling lemonade, Sosa water or apple juice

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Toffee Apple Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Sticky Date Liqueur
Sweet syrupy dates, luscious butterscotch and a smooth undertone of nutty praline creates the flavour of a Sticky Date Pudding in liquid form. Served neat, over vanilla ice cream or in your favourite dessert

Origin- Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Watermelon Vodka Liqueur (Limited Edition)

Add a splash of fun & colour to your next cocktail. Enjoy the fresh, crisp taste of Watermelons to this liqueur. Serve chilled over ice or add to your favourite cocktail.

Origin - Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Watermelon Vodka Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Espresso Cream Liqueur

A creamy coffee flavoured drink with a kick! Espresso Cream Liqueur can be used as the hero ingredient in many cult cocktails and drinks, to name a few: White Russian, Espresso Martini, Mind Eraser.

Origin - Australia. 13.9% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Contains milk products. Best kept refrigerated.

Espresso Cream Liqueur - Flaschengeist

Pina Colada Cream Liqueur

Experience our exotic and delicious Pina Colada Cream Liqueur. This rum flavoured based cream is the refreshing combination of pineapple and coconut that delivers a real zest to the palate.

This is a real sophisticated and delicate liqueur - meant for those who want something different and exciting.

Origin - Australia. 14% alc/vol. Size 500ml.

Contains milk products. Best kept refrigerated.

Pina Colada Cream Liqueur - Flaschengeist



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For a Tree-mendous Christmas

Our Christmas Tree Bottle Gift Box is the perfect Christmas Gift that can be appreciated by everyone. You really can't go wrong with this one!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree 🎄

How lovely are our branches!

Beautifully designed, our premium Christmas Tree Bottle captures the full essence of the Christmas Tree. You can't help but stare at it, or feel the premium build quality in your hands.

What makes our Liqueurs so Flasch?

100% Australian-Made Liqueurs

Wide-range of Specialty Flavours

We Design & Manufacture our own Flavours

Each Liqueur Recipe is exclusive to Flaschengeist

Each bottle is hand-filled to order with TLC

Christmas Gift Ideas

Our premium Christmas Tree Bottle Gift Box is the ultimate present for:



Stocking Fillers

Kris Kringle

Colleagues & Employees

The Perfect Addition to your Bar

Our Christmas Tree Bottle is the perfect addition to any bar, and sharing with friends/family. Collect all our flavours and start building your own Tree Collection.


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