Dukkah Quad Pack - Christmas Hamper

Presented in our Signature Black Flaschengeist Hamper Box

Perfect set of liqueurs for the busy entertainer and mixologist over the festive season.
There is a flavour for your tastebuds to sample the following delights- Exotic, Creamy, Fruity, Chocolate & Classic, but maybe you will decide they are all too good to share after all?

For that exotic Mediterranean feel the Fig Liqueur is a winner and is supreme added a shot to your next Gin and Tonic!

For a fruity sensation the limited-edition Pina Colada Liqueur will go down just nicely, either on its own over ice or added to coconut cream for a traditional trip down memory lane?

Now who doesn’t love a creamy liqueur, but the beaut thing about our Vienna Coffee is the rich cappuccino flavour, mmmm hello coffee lovers. Just imagine relaxing with friends on a Sunday arvo and sipping this smooth, coffee flavoured drink!

Choc-aholics there is one for you and our Chocolate Port liqueur will not disappoint, it’s dark, rich and too easy to drink.

Any cocktail sampler set is not complete without the fave Butterscotch Liqueur, it’s a crowd pleaser and so moorish. Have you tried it over ice cream or added to your black coffee as a coffee liqueur.



What's inside the box?

Fig Liqueur - 100ml

Limited Edition - Pina Colada Liqueur - 100ml

Vienna Coffee Liqueur - 100ml

Butterscotch Liqueur - 100ml

Chocolate Port Liqueur - 100ml

2 Flaschengeist Shot Glasses



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Try a bit of everything...

  • Exotic - Fig Liqueur
  • Fruity - Limited Edition Pina Colada
  • Creamy - Vienna Coffee
  • Classic - Butterscotch Liqueur
  • Chocolate - Chocolate Port
Exotic - Fig Liqueur
Refined and delicious, the taste of summer figs in liquid form, smooth and simply refreshing.
Best served chilled, add a dash to prosecco wine or drizzle over pavlova topped with fresh figs
Origin- Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

Fruity - Limited Edition Pina Colada

A fruity blend of Coconut, sweet juicy Pineapples with a hint of Rum - this take on a classic cocktail is an exotic blended Cocktail perfect for summer and beach parties.

Origin - Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

Creamy - Vienna Coffee
Rich, smooth and creamy with a full-bodied roasted coffee flavour. Served chilled over ice.
Best kept refrigerated, even when unopened..
Origin- Australia. 18% alc.vol. Size 100ml.

Classic - Butterscotch Liqueur

A delicious blend of brown sugar, butter & vanilla bean flavours. The result is a sweet liqueur that tastes just like butterscotch candy.
A perfect pairing with our Vienna Coffee Liqueur

Origin-Australia. 21% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

Chocolate - Chocolate Port
For the connoisseur of fine things. A smooth blend of oak matured Tawny Port and dark Belgium chocolate.
Best served neat with your favourite after dinner dessert or drizzled over ice cream and sprinkled with our Sweet & Spice Dukkah is rather delicious!
Origin- Australia. 18% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

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Fig Sour Cocktail

60ml Fig Liqueur

Sparkling grapefruit drink

Fresh figs


Add the liqueur into a glass of ice and top with grapefruit juice. Serve with fresh figs and thyme.

Cheers to Good Times over the Festive Season

Get creative and try our Cocktail liqueurs to make the perfect cocktail. No better way to celebrate life, love and friendship, then with a delicious drink to cheers together!

What makes our Liqueurs so Flasch?

100% Australian-Made Liqueur

Wide-range of Specialty Flavours

We Design & Manufacture our own Flavours

Each Liqueur Recipe is exclusive to Flaschengeist

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