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✔️ A perfect way to try all 3 flavour- Non Alcoholic Vodka & Lime, Chocolate Vodka, Gin & Tonic

✔️ 3x Esprit Bottles 100ml each.

✔️ Presented in our Signature Flaschengeist Gift Box.

✔️ A petite and chic gift.

Discover our Australian Made Non Alcoholic Flavours...

Chocolate Vodka

Chocolate lovers have not been forgotten either! A rich and moorish non-alcoholic Chocolate Vodka is perfect for those with more a sweet-tooth. Why not try as a non-alcoholic affogato dessert? A shot each of espresso coffee and Chocolate Vodka poured over vanilla bean ice cream and serve with a biscotti to scoop up all the goodness....yum!!

Non Alcoholic - Sugar Free - Allergy Free- Low GI. Palate - Chocolate, Vodka flavours
Hand Crafted - Contains Water, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Chocolate flavour
Best serve chilled or over ice. Once open, refrigerate & consume within 6 months

Origin - Australia. 0% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

Gin & Tonic

If you enjoy a G&T but prefer a healthier non-alcoholic gin alternative, here is a pretty in pink ready-to-drink option. You will be blown away by the appealing aromatic juniper and citrus base that is the signature ingredient for this popular beverage. Serve chilled and if you are looking for that fizz add some tonic water or sparkling mineral water.

Non Alcoholic - Sugar Free - Allergy Free- Low GI. Palate - Juniper, Citrus & Tonic
Hand Crafted - Contains Water, Botanical Flavours, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid
Once open, refrigerate & consume within 6 months

Origin - Australia. 0% alc/vol. Size 100ml.

Vodka & Lime
          A Vodka fan but dread the hangover? Here is an alternative non-alcoholic version of the classic Vodka & Lime. It's ready to drink and you'll be so surprised when the smell of refreshing lime hits your nose. Enjoy chilled with lots of ice, an extra dash of lime juice and for some bubbles mix with sparkling lemonade or mineral water.
Origin - Australia. 0% alc/vol. Size 100ml

The Perfect Gift to Try Them All

Impress with a Mocktail

Don't feel left out if you don't feel like drinking. Get creative and pour in style when you create a refreshing mocktail!

Each flavour is ready-to-drink but adding something fizzy, a dash of fresh lime juice or fruit juice is a great way to Flasch It Up.


Chic Gift Set

The Esprit Bottle is a Flasch classic and has been in the range for over 15 years. The 100ml size is petite but sturdy and easy to pour from.

The perfect gift to give that pregnant gal a taste of what she feels like she is missing out on.


What makes our Non-Alcoholic flavours so Flasch?

100% Australian-Made




100% Vegan


All Recipes are exclusive to Flaschengeist


Each bottle is hand-filled to order with TLC



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