Dukkah Quad Pack - Christmas Hamper

Presented in our Signature Black Flaschengeist Hamper Box

For Christmas send that special someone, who has a passion for pasta dishes, our Pasta Lovers - Christmas Hamper featuring artisanal Organic Olive Oils, Herbs & Spices. From the classic Bolognese, to a simple chilli pasta - use the dry ingredients and oil to take your tastebuds straight to Italy. Bellisimo!



What's inside the box?

Italian Herbs - 140gm

Organic Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 185gm

Himalayan Pink Salt & Chilli Flakes Pouch - 185gm

Pizza Topping Pouch - 150gm

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Perfect Pairings - Pasta Partners

  • Italian Herbs
  • Organic Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Himalayan Pink Salt & Chilli Flakes
  • Pizza Topping

Italian Herbs

Our Italian Seasoning is a special blend of aromatic herbs which include basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and other spices.This innovative, yet classical, combination of herbs will add the flavors of the Italian kitchen to your dishes! Use liberally in all of your pasta creations! It is used primarily in Italian dishes. Use to perk up any sauce, great in pasta salads, add a small pinch to your meatloaf, stew, meatballs, fish, chicken and meats. Delicious mixed with butter, garlic and brushed over bread.

Origin- Australia. 140gm Glass Onda Jar

Organic Italiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An infusion of Basil, Garlic, a hint of warm roasted Pine Nut and a subtle parmesan cheese flavour are perfectly blended with our very own organic extra virgin olive oil versatile is a versatile product.

Pairs well with our Pizza Topping herbs.

Ingredients: 99.5% Australian organic extra virgin olive oil, 0.5% Italian herb flavour.

Origin- Australia. Size 250ml

Himalayan Pink Salt & Chilli Flakes

If you love chilli and natural salt this combo is the perfect pair for you. A 2-in-1 that all you need to do is add to your cooking or sprinkle over your completed dishes depending on how strong you like the flavours? From pasta sauce, marinades to grilled scallops your food is enhanced with flavour and texture.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Himalayan Salt & chilli.

Origin- Australia. 185gm Pouch.

Pizza Topping

This aromatic herb combines basil, rosemary, sage and oregano herbs, chilli flakes and dried onion are combined to create an Italian flavour with a spicy kick. A versatile combo to offer you the perfect everyday herb that goes with almost anything Pasta sauces, pizza, grilled vegetables, chicken or lamb. Also lovely used on focaccia bread, drizzled with our Organic Garlic Olive Oil and sprinkled over the top - Viva Italia!

Origin- Australia. 185gm Pouch.

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Flasch Spag Bol Recipe

  1. Heat a deep-frying pan or saucepan over high heat. Add the Italiano oil, garlic and onion and cook for 3 minutes or until just soft. Add the mince and cook, stirring, until brown.
  2. Add the tomato puree, stock and herbs and rapidly simmer for 35–60 minutes or until thickened to your liking.
  3. Stir through the parsley, salt and pepper and serve over spaghetti or use as sauce in a lasagne.

Stackable Split Bottles

Stylish and functional! Save space with our stackable Split Bottle. Created with premium glass, they interlock with each beautifully and make the perfect pairing.

Refill your empty Jars

When you've used up all of your Dukkah, simply use our extra pouches to refill to Jar. Be sure to keep an eye on our specials for Gourmet Pouch Refill Offers

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