Perfect Pairing for the BBQ Chef

Perfect Pairing for the BBQ Chef - Flaschengeist (Aust) Pty Ltd

One of our top favourite pairings for the marinating master chef, BBQ lover. Gift-wrapped in a gold box and tied with ribbon for the perfect gift for Dad on his birthday or Father's Day!

Coat your fave meat- chicken, lamb or beef with Pepper Steak Rub and generously  drizzle Organic BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil leaving to soak up the flavours for a min of 30 min or best overnight. 

This delectable duo isn't just for marinating but combined with a tub of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of Pepper Steak and drizzle BBQ Oil over the top and you have yourself a dip so easy to make but oh so tasty!

Origin- Australia

Split Bottle- 250ml Organic BBQ Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 280gm Pepper Steak Rub

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