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Article: Flaschengeist Hampers Featuring Chandon Wine

Flaschengeist Hampers Featuring Chandon Wine

Flaschengeist Hampers Featuring Chandon Wine

Flaschengeist Hampers Featuring Moet and Chandon Champagne 

Highlighted by the renowned  Moet & Chandon sparkling champagne, Flaschengeist presents exceptional Moet and Chandon hampers, each brimming with luxurious gifts and sweet delights. These hampers strike a perfect harmony of sophistication, indulgence, and enjoyment. Select from the classic Chandon brut, the lively Chandon pink sparkling rosé, or the distinctive Chandon limited edition garden spritz. Each hamper is crafted to express your affection most elegantly, making every Flaschengeist Chandon hamper a testament to your thoughtfulness. 

Celebrate with Flaschengeist's Moet Hampers

Elevate any celebration to extraordinary with Australian Chandon sparkling wine, a centrepiece in Flaschengeist's exclusive Chandon hampers. The act of uncorking a bottle of these premium bubbles instantly transforms any event into a festive occasion. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, our exquisite Chandon hampers convey messages of gratitude, love, and festive cheer more eloquently than words alone. They are ideal for creating lasting memories and marking significant moments. With a bottle of premium Chandon wine, each hamper is crafted for the art of gifting. Explore our collection to find the perfect Chandon hamper for various occasions – from celebrating a job promotion to igniting a romantic spark, from bidding a luxurious farewell to a colleague to indulging someone special.

Is Chandon Wine Or Champagne?

Chandon Non-Vintage Brut and the delightful pink Rosé are quintessential Australian sparkling wines, crafted in the revered champagne method. These wines feature a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier grapes, representing a harmonious fusion of traditional French expertise and champagne-making methods with the unique character of Australian terroir. Chandon has become a beloved choice for special occasions, widely favoured by those who cherish the joy of celebrating with a sparkling effervescence in their glass.

Which Chandon wines are available in our Chandon hampers?

Dive into the world of Flaschengeist's Chandon hampers, where a variety of exquisite choices awaits, perfect for any occasion. Our selection is designed to offer a sophisticated experience, starting with the MOËT AND PINK GIN SHOE BOTTLE GIFT HAMPER. This Moët & Chandon champagne, a centrepiece of our fashion-forward hamper, dazzles with its exquisite blend of sophistication and style, perfectly complementing the unique tastes of the fashion-savvy, champagne-loving, and gin enthusiast. It's the ideal accompaniment to our one-of-a-kind Shoe Bottle, an embodiment of class and elegance with its embossed necklace detail and stylish high heels.

On what occasions can you gift a Flaschengeist Moet and Gin Shoe Bottle Gift Hampers

The Flaschengeist Moet and Gin Shoe Bottle Gift Hamper is an exquisite choice for a variety of special occasions, blending fashion, luxury, and taste into one perfect package. Here's when you can choose this unique hamper:

Birthdays: Ideal for the fashion-conscious friend or family member celebrating their special day, this hamper adds a touch of glamour and celebration.

Anniversaries: For a partner who loves style and elegance, this gift is a symbol of refined taste and a toast to another year together.

Mother's Day: Show appreciation for a stylish mother with this unique combination of her favourite things - fashion, champagne, and gin.

Valentine's Day: A romantic and luxurious choice for a significant other who adores the finer things in life.

Christmas: Perfect for someone special who appreciates a touch of luxury during the festive season.

Fashion-Related Celebrations: Ideal for events like fashion week gatherings or a friend's fashion show debut.

Congratulations: A splendid way to celebrate a big achievement or milestone in someone’s life, like a promotion or a new job in the fashion industry.

'Just Because' Moments: Sometimes, the best gifts are for no particular reason other than to make someone feel special and loved.

The Flaschengeist Moet and Gin Shoe Bottle Gift Hamper is not just a gift, but an expression of appreciation for someone's elegance and taste. It's perfect for those moments when you want to celebrate with something uniquely stylish and indulgent.

Why is the Chandon hamper the best luxury gift hamper for her?

At Flaschengeist, we have a keen understanding of what delights and indulges the senses of women. Our Chandon hampers are crafted with this in mind, making them the perfect luxury gifts for her. These hampers are a blend of pampering products, special treats, and traditional favourites, ensuring a truly feminine and luxurious experience.

Whether celebrating her birthday or simply expressing your appreciation, our Chandon hampers offer a luxurious retreat. For the woman with a penchant for sweets, imagine her delight with a fruity bottle of pink Chandon sparkling wine, accompanied by an exquisite selection of chocolates. Each Flaschengeist Chandon hamper is more than just a gift; it's an experience of elegance and relaxation that she will cherish and enjoy.

Gourmet Delights in Flaschengeist's Chandon Hampers

Flaschengeist's Chandon hampers are not just about the exquisite sparkling wine; they also feature a carefully chosen assortment of gourmet treats that perfectly pair with the bubbly. If you're looking for something beyond the usual chocolates, our hampers offer savoury options like Salted Caramel Marbles, Creamy White Chocolate, and the unique Flaschengeist liqueur. For those special occasions or to make a lasting impression, opt for a Moet and Chandon hamper from Flaschengeist overflowing with sweet selections or festive Christmas foods, ensuring a luxurious and indulgent experience for the recipient.

Can my Chandon sparkling wine hamper be delivered in Australia?

Yes, Flaschengeist delivers Chandon sparkling wine hampers throughout Australia, and we offer free delivery. Our hampers, beautifully packaged in elegant black keepsake boxes and tied with gold satin ribbon, are designed to impress. Add your personalised message, and we'll ensure your hamper, filled with luxurious Chandon wine, arrives with style and sentiment at your recipient's doorstep. Whether it's for romance, family, milestones, or relaxation, our Chandon hampers make gifting effortless and memorable. See the shipping rates below:

For shipping rates:

For orders exceeding $100, we offer FREE Shipping. Orders under $100 are subject to a Flat Rate Shipping fee of $10.99. Additionally, for those in Australia seeking Express Post delivery, a charge of $19.99 per package applies.

Delivery Time Frames:


Delivery Time Frame (Business Days)









Central Coast


Gold & Sunshine Coast


















Regional Areas


Note: These delivery times begin after your order has been dispatched and tracking begins. For New Zealand shipping, please view the information under 'Delivery'.

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