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Article: Johnnie Walker -Discover the World's Most Iconic Whisky Gift

Johnnie Walker -Discover the World's Most Iconic Whisky Gift

Johnnie Walker -Discover the World's Most Iconic Whisky Gift

Name a brand you have heard of more iconic than Johnnie Walker? Is it because Whisky is the most popular spirit drink in the world? Is it the iconic logo, which has a history of 100 years and more, and is as recognised as much as McDonald's, Nike and Apple? Not only do Whisky enthusiasts, but even those with no connection to Whisky are able to identify this logo of the walking man "Johnnie" when they see it.

Flaschengeist Unique Bottle Range 

Needless to say, by popular demand we have created the Johnnie Walker Gift Range, but with a difference! You would be used to seeing the sleek 700ml or 1L bottle found on the shelves at the bottles shop, but as usual we do everything here at Flaschengeist with a twist. Customers have the option to pick the bottle style, which they like which includes a Motorbike, Truck, Horse, Sailboat, Football, Soccer Ball, Guitar, Pistol and Cheeky lady bottle named Venus. There is a themed bottle to suit any occasion, taste or hobby, which makes the most personalised gift you can give a Whisky Connoisseur and Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky drinker. 

The reviews so far have been 5 Star and so thrilling to read, we think we are onto something here at Flaschengeist! Verified Buyers are saying - 

Melinda Jackson wrote:
The most perfect gift!

This would have to be the most perfect gift. A unique item and presented beautifully in gift box. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

Sandy Dempster
Motorbike Bottle - LOVE IT!

We love the Motorbike Bottle and glasses, I purchased for a friends 60th Birthday, as he owns a Harley. The box presentation is beautiful, the whole package is so beauitful, it was like a WOW when we opened the box. My Partner wants a bike bottle now. I will be buying all my family and friends gifts from here from now on. Love it!

Johnnie Walker Collectibles

Why not gift something unique and memorable? Socks, chocolates and beer holders have all got a place, but it's time to evolve. At Flaschengeist we pride ourselves on offering a thoughtful range of bespoke glass bottles of premium quality for that special someone and event. Not everyone wants to buy a boxed bottle with shot glasses as we offer but our Bottle only Collectible Range. Home Bar owners can rejoice, as they can add a cool bottle to their collection and Johnnie Walker memorabilia. We are also proudly offering Dan Murphy customers the same shopping experience of selecting their chosen bottle design filled with Johnnie Walker Red Label

Liqueurs & Scotch Whisky

As any Whisky drinker will attest, a neat Scotch is the epitome of true drinking experience but sometimes it's nice to shake it up? At Flaschengeist we have always been experts in the Liqueur department and have manufactured a Honey Highland Liqueur with the Whisky drinker in mind. Our mixologists love to combine different combos of drinks to see what concoction they can create, and the mix between the Scotch and the Honey Liqueur is A-Mazing! 

Easter with Johnnie Walker + Darrell Lea Chocolates

What do Easter, Johnnie Walker & Darrell Lea Chocolates all have in common? The new and exclusive Flaschengeist Easter Bunny Bottle 350ml filled with Johnnie Walker and a shot Glass filled with Darrell Lea Chocolate Easter eggs of course! To say these have been hopping out the door would be an understatement, as the combo of Whisky and Chocolate really hits the mark as an Egg-cellent Adult Easter gift. 

Johnnie Walker with Gold

Do you struggle to buy someone with the means to buy anything they desire, that fussy Boss with a particular taste level, or even a wedding gift? An exclusive range of Gold Gifts has been created at Flaschengeist, with the classy Luxe Decanter 700ml filled with the Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky with edible 24 Carat Gold Flakes. The safe-to-consume edible gold flakes add a touch of luxury to your drink. A perfect gift for Father's Day and Golden Wedding Anniversary. 

Corporate Gifting

The most popular Flaschengeist Corporate purchase is the Truck Bottle filled with Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky Gift Box. Our largest Corporate client Kenworth Trucks purchased over 400 gifts last Christmas season to loyal customers, all who were Scotch Whisky drinkers and Johnnie Walker devotees. The freight and logistics industry is the backbone of the Australian economy and labour force and we proudly can offer a truly unique, branded and exclusive product that not only looks good, but tastes good too. 

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