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Article: Liqueur Guide: Learn More About Our Flavorful Liqueurs

Liqueur Guide: Learn More About Our Flavorful Liqueurs

Liqueur Guide: Learn More About Our Flavorful Liqueurs

At Flashengeist, we have several unique flavours for any occasion, and we hand-fill each customisable bottle with the liqueur of your choice. Whether you are an avid enjoyer of alcohol, someone looking to buy a gift, or a corporation looking to decide which flavour is best in a company-wide gift exchange, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our selection. Below, discover which liqueurs pair up best with each occasion or event. We'll even clue you in on the difference between liqueur and liquor.

Difference Between Liqueur and Liquor

Despite the similar sound, liqueurs and liquors are two different things. The best liqueurs are distilled spirits made from flavoured ingredients with added oils and extracts; liquor is made from grains and has a higher alcohol content.

For example, vodka is distilled from grains and water, whereas Baileys Irish Cream is distilled and flavoured with oils and other ingredients. These added flavours are what give Baileys a sweeter taste and body, while vodka comes out more bitter.

Due to the presence of additional substances, the best liqueurs have less alcohol than liquor. If you are shopping for liqueur specifically, you should remember that they can often be classified as liquors since they also go through distillation. Regardless, the differences are immediately noticeable through taste, smell, and, in some cases, look.

Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon, and Rum

Though not liqueurs by definition, we believe Scotch, Bourbon, and Rum deserve an honourable mention as some of our more flavourful drinks. All three of these robust, nutty, sweet, and highly sought-after liquors can rival some of the best liqueurs out there, and at Flashengeist, we ensure each custom-made bottle is hand-filled with these intoxicating spirits.

All three flavours are the perfect gift for a parent, sibling, co-worker, friend, neighbour, or yourself. They are timeless, retain flavour when stored, and mix affordability with elegance and class.

Delicious in a Bottle

Scotch, Bourbon, and Rum are all delicious; you can savour them with a good meal, dessert, or by themselves. However, they commonly pair best with fish, steak, and other rich flavours that need a subtle nuttiness as a compliment.

Rum tastes terrific, mixed with sweet liqueur, fruit, and creams. It is often used for tropical mixed drinks, and most choose to sip it straight. However, its natural sweetness pairs excellently with bitters and creams, giving it more of a body and richness.


Baci is a chocolate and hazelnut liqueur that blends the dark richness of chocolate with smooth hazelnut flavours, creating a sweet liquid you can mix into your coffee. Try pouring it over some deliciously rich and creamy French vanilla ice cream to maximise the intoxicating decadence of this chocolate-flavoured liqueur.

Baci is a great holiday gift, and as a chocolate-flavoured liqueur, it pairs excellently with creamy and rich complements. Mix it with another cream liqueur, and you could make something delightfully indulgent.

How To Savour Baci

Baci is rich and goes well with things that complement rich chocolate flavours. It is not the drink you want to serve at dinner, but you can mix it into a dessert. Cakes, ice cream, coffee, and festive mixed drinks need a chocolate-flavoured liqueur to help enrich their bodies.

For example, you could easily work Baci into a chocolate cake, giving it a slight booziness and richness that ordinary mix-ins and other ingredients cannot provide. It can add a zing to coffee after a meal and easily pours over ice cream like a lovely, loose syrup.

Baileys Original Irish Cream

One of the most popular creamy sweet liqueurs, Baileys Irish Cream, is a rich, thick, and sweet liqueur commonly used in coffee and other dark and bitter drinks. It has a milky and sweet taste, working similarly to non-alcoholic creamers.

Add a Touch of Cream

Baileys is one of the best liqueurs to mix with coffee, chocolate, and other mix-ins that need a touch of milky cream with a bit of a pick-me-up. It is the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth who loves adding creamer and sugar to their beverages. Some of the more popular mixed drinks using Baileys are boozy hot chocolate, coffee, or Baileys White Russian.


Our Butterscotch flavours provide the best liqueurs for snagging that nutty, sugary, candy-like taste that goes well as a chilled dessert drink. Butterscotch is the perfect liqueur flavour to welcome in the holidays or provide a nutty warmth that keeps the body cozy.

Butter Me Up

Since butterscotch is a unique and sweet flavour, it pairs well with mixed drinks that complement and benefit from the rich caramel-like notes. With an apple-flavoured liqueur, you can create a caramel apple martini. You can also drink butterscotch as a dessert, simply chilling it over ice or adding a touch of baileys to make it even more creamy and delectable.

Chocolate Mint

Peppermint's unique flavour makes your tongue and lips pop long after consuming it. It pairs exceptionally well with chocolate, so our chocolate mint liqueur is the perfect holiday gift. Which holiday? Whatever holiday needs a mix of dark chocolate and peppermint that goes great with anything creamy! After all, every day feels like a holiday when you're sipping on chocolate mint liqueur.

Thin-Mint Delight

As a sweet liqueur, chocolate mint goes exceptionally well with thicker or creamy complements, like coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream, and milk. It is prevalent in creamy mixed drinks, adding a nice cool chocolate flavour that punches through the cream and leaves a minty aftertaste that has you smacking your lips.

Chocolate Port

Our chocolate port is made of grapes and fortified with brandy, Belgian chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. When chilled, it becomes one of, if not the most, sophisticated liqueurs for those who want a subtle sweetness but not the overpowering chocolate-flavoured liqueurs.

Ease Into Port

Although it says chocolate, our port is a little sweeter and caramel-like than overpoweringly chocolate. It tastes best with creamy accompaniments and works excellently as a dessert liqueur. It isn't the drink you want with a steak or flakey fish.


Our hazelnut liqueur's vanilla undertones and rich nutty taste will grab hold of your senses and is perfect for adding a decadent sophistication to your lime-flavoured drinks or delivering a necessary fullness to your coffee. Not unlike chocolate mint liqueur, hazelnut brings out warmth and cheer during the holiday season.

Not the Nuts You Store for Winter

Although you can often find hazelnut in holiday drinks, it pairs exceptionally well served on the rocks with a subtle squeeze of lime. The citrus awakens the nutty undertones and makes this the perfect gift for someone who needs a quick, simple, warming drink after a long day.

If your boss looks stressed out or an employee needs a pick-me-up, our hazelnut liqueur is one of the best gifts you can give. No matter the occasion, once hazelnut liqueur passes someone's lips, it's sure to put a smile on their face.

Honey Highland

After your first sip of honey highland liqueur, a smooth-flavoured liqueur that tastes best chilled over ice, all your cares melt away. It is great for father's day, as any parent would be honoured to have such a fine-tasting, easy-to-prepare liqueur on hand.

Sweet, Sweet Honey

Despite being deliciously sweet, you should savour honey liqueur on its own. Chilled in a glass filled with ice, the rich flavour will come out immediately after the first sip. Very little can compete or mix with a proper honey highland liqueur, especially after being hand-bottled.

Lemon Lime

Easily add a splash of lemon Lime Liqueur to almost any cocktail. It is the perfect balance of tart, refreshing, and just a hint of sweetness. This liqueur is ideal for drinkers who want to add sun-ripened lemon and lime flavours to their vodka, tonic, or lemonade and give it that boozy kick to chase off the heat.

Complement with Citrus

Regarding gifting, the lemon-lime fruit liqueur is perfect for a housewarming gift or to keep the mood festive. It can be sipped straight on the rocks or combined with other liqueurs to make something citrusy and fun. It also pairs well with a light fish or chicken meal, with just enough subtle flavour to complement the rich zest of lemon and lime.

But, the most effective way to use lemon-lime fruit liqueur is to mix it with vodka, tonic, or lemonade. The latter is the most popular, as it can transform an ordinarily refreshing drink into something with the right amount of tipsy. Enjoy it before an afternoon barbecue grilling or while watching the big game. After all, what is the point of having a fruit liqueur if you aren't going to use it when you need a chance to unwind and feel refreshed?


Sometimes, we need a little richness in our lives. That is where a good mocha liqueur comes in handy, providing that subtle coffee flavour with a rich blast of booziness. Like chocolate, mocha is a beautiful dessert drink, served straight on the rocks, accompanied by delicious coffee cake or other desserts.

Chocolatey Coffee

Mocha liqueur is best served with rich or chocolatey desserts. White, dark, and milk-lacking chocolates taste delicious with mocha, providing an amplified coffee-like flavour that balances well with cocoa. Sipping on a mocha-liqueur-infused beverage after a meal can provide a relaxing warmth that is inspired by subtle chocolatey notes. It's also great for use in an iced coffee and goes well with smores, as the melted marshmallow and rich chocolate provide a necessary creaminess that complements the mocha.


Like all fruit liqueur, raspberry provides a dash of tartness that goes great in mojitos and champagne. As a gift, it is delightful for couples or newlyweds and even comes in a heart-shaped, hand-filled glass bottle.

Razzle and Dazzle

Raspberry is an interesting liqueur. On the one hand, it has a subtle tartness that goes great in citrus-flavoured mixers, like a mojito, but it can also be an excellent accompaniment to a refreshing salad brunch.

That said, if you wanted to gift a raspberry liqueur, you should accompany it with a bottle of champagne. White wines and alcohol go great with raspberry, providing that fruity tartness to complement the sour sweetness of a good champagne. Anything you would drink white wine for, you can easily replace it with a more refreshing raspberry liqueur!


Our southern liqueur is the perfect replacement if you're tired of bourbon. It is smokey with a hint of caramel that has you licking your lips long after emptying your glass. It is the perfect gift for a friend who likes to drink casually or parents who want to know you appreciate them.

Southern Comfort

A southern liqueur is an alcohol best served in a chilled glass with ice and nothing else. While it would be amazing to mix it with other liqueurs and create stunning combinations, which is possible, nothing can beat a shot or two of southern liqueur after a long day right before you choose to unwind. Similarly to bourbon, it also pairs well with steaks and other cuts of meat, adding a sweetness to the dish that no amount of seasoning can replicate.

Other Alcoholic Beverages

Whatever alcohol you want hand-bottled in your custom-blown glass bottle is the alcohol we will give you. Every order we provide is hand-filled minutes before shipping, so you receive only the freshest and best liqueurs available.

Hand-filled Custom Glass Bottles

That's right. Our custom glass bottles come in several unique and hand-blown designs that you can refill after emptying them of their delicious liqueur. If you want a stylised glass bottle that will delight and impress, we have several for each unique individual in your life.

Contact us to learn more about Flaschengeist and how you can get your hands on one (or more) of our hand-filled bottles full of your chosen liqueur.

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