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Article: Why Do We Put 24 Carat Gold In Our Alcohol? Learn More

Why Do We Put 24 Carat Gold In Our Alcohol? Learn More

Why Do We Put 24 Carat Gold In Our Alcohol? Learn More

Edible gold is a mystery to many individuals. To some, it is a metal that can be toxic to your health, while others view it as made only for jewellery and gilding. However, edible gold and alcohol with gold flakes have existed for centuries, if not longer. It is often a sign of decadence, wealth, and excellent taste.

What is Edible Gold?

Edible gold flakes have existed since ancient times, predominantly in religious rituals and royal extravagance. Gold flakes in alcohol for the general public began in the fifteenth century. Still, humans have consumed gold in small doses for millennia to live a luxurious life and add a dazzling flair to dishes, drinks, and desserts. To this day, many upscale and fine dining restaurants place gold leaf on desserts and other rich-tasting foods to give them an excellent look and visual appeal.

The History of Edible Gold

Although it is difficult to determine precisely who first decided to put gold in food, it is an ancient practice that began roughly in 2000 B.C.E. Gold and other precious metals were, and still are, highly sought after and historically have been signs of royalty, affluence, and prosperity. Egyptian pharaohs would have edible gold flakes sprinkled across dishes and drink alcohol with gold to signify their wealth.

In France, it was a belief that gold would help keep you youthful if consumed in small doses. Gold is a non-reactive metal and is considered safe to drink. Usually, the higher the carat, the more pure and edible the gold is. 24-carat gold flakes are safe for consumption in alcohol. Such a high carat adds a fantastic lustre and decadent look to any food or beverage.

How Edible Gold is Made

To create edible gold, they stretch a metal bar so thin that it is barely .0001 millimetres. Once the gold is in this state, it is cut, shaved, or trimmed into tiny fragments that can be used in alcohol with gold flakes and other safe-to-eat food and drink items.

Since gold doesn't react with other materials, alcohol with gold flakes inside will not leech the "gold" flavour from the flakes, nor will they make the alcohol with gold smell different from the liquor inside. In many ways, alcohol with gold flakes is decorative and stylish, offering elegant class and sophistication to a drink without causing any harm to your body or the alcohol itself.

The Taste

Gold is biologically inert and odourless, giving it no taste. It can acquire a metallic taste when mixed with other substances, like silver, but our alcohol with gold flakes uses 24-carat gold to make it as pure and rich as possible. As such, if you were to drink our Smirnoff Vodka alcohol with gold flakes, you would taste only the delicious robustness of Smirnoff.

Alcohol and Gold Flakes

Our customers' most common question regarding this kind of alcohol is, "Why do we provide alcohol with gold flakes in it?" If gold is flavourless, odourless, and inert, what is the point of mixing it into alcohol or other foodstuffs? The answer has a few parts. There are several reasons why we put 24-carat gold in our alcohol, but the most common ones are richness, design, and visual appeal.


It is impossible to separate "high living" and gold, no matter where it is. When we say "richness," we do not mean that gold makes alcohol taste richer. The richness gold flakes provide is one of physical and decadent richness. The simple concept of being able to drink gold elevates regular alcohol to new heights, giving it a mantle of elegance and an air of royalty.

Remember, alcohol with gold flakes was something only royalty had access to until the fifteenth century. So, in short, we add edible gold flakes to give a drink a certain refinement and richness. Something that makes it pop when people see it to provide a subtle luxury that very few have the opportunity to indulge.


Alcohol with gold flakes looks terrific in a glass and a bottle. Flipping the bottle over causes the bits to spread and disperse, like enriched snowflakes dotting the bottle inside of a snow globe. It brings sophistication when you serve it, either poured or just set out as a centrepiece. It causes heads to turn, garners interest, and even in red liqueur, it gives a dazzling fizzle effect that intoxicates the eyes, adding to its visual appeal.

Visual Appeal

Alcohol looks excellent with gold sprinkled inside, whether for decoration or consumption. The rich colours of a liqueur are heightened by the addition of edible gold, especially when the light catches it through the bottle and adds gorgeous colour to the entire drink.

Does Alcohol with Gold Flakes Work as a Gift?

Alcohol with gold flakes is a perfect gift for anyone, from parents to co-workers and everyone in between. It is stunning, elegant, and classy, providing an excellent refinement that will brighten up a new home or let someone know how much you care about them. Ask yourself, if you received your favourite alcohol enriched with the visual stunningness of gold flakes, would you turn it down?

Where Can You Snag the Best Alcohol with Gold Flakes?

At Flaschengeist, we hand-fill each customisable glass bottle with a liqueur of your choice, though our most popular options for gold flakes are Vodka, Johnnie Walker, Bundaberg Rum, and Jim Beam Bourbon liquors.

If you want to see all our premium and hand-filled liqueurs and liquors, browse our full selection and make your next gift, holiday, or anniversary something to remember.

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