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Behind the Scenes on Bottle Creation - Flaschengeist

Behind the Scenes on Bottle Creation

Our Football & Soccer Bottles are designed and owned by Flaschengeist. It took around 6 months to get the prototypes to get right.

We started asking and listening to our customer base for what was missing in the market...

What happened next?

We embarked on producing unique glass models that covers Australia Rules Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Gridiron and Soccer.

How did we design them?

We have captured the essence of the sport by meticulously showing the detail of the glass ball which incorporates the sportsman’s kicking the ball. Painstakingly we have edged the socks, the lace up boots and even the sprigs on the bottom of the boot. The neck has been designed to take a tamper proof pourer capping which guarantees bring leak proof during shipping.

How is the glass made?
The glass is called super flint and demonstrates crystal clear qualities because as only the best and highest sand has been used to manufacture these bottles.

How do we fill the bottles?
When you choose your fill we hand decant directly into your bottle. These two bottles are available in 375ml and stand at 28cm high.


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A unique gift for those wanting to display their sporting memorabilia or for birthday gifts for both him and her who follow or participate in these sports.