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Flasch Office Hours

Our team are ready to start the working day at 9am to take your calls, answer emails and dispatch all orders. If you need to get in touch it’s best to shoot us over an email (and we’ll reply as quickly as we can) or give us a buzz if you wish to speak with our customer service teamies. 

Are your products available in retail outlets & do you offer wholesale pricing?

For the moment you can buy the whole range directly from us through our online store and online @ Dan Murphy's and Mydeal. We’ve been known to be exclusive and niche but the demand has been overwhelming so we now offer wholesale to retailers (with Liquor Licences)? Get in touch on and we'll give you a discount code for online store to get shopping 

How can I share my Flasch crush

Come play with us on our socials @flaschengeistaustralia for Instagram and Flaschengeist Australia for Facebook and Pinterest. We get to see all your fun snaps and can’t wait to share them if you use #flasch or #flaschitup

Who develops your range

Our Liqueur range is made exclusively for us, we formulate the flavours and recipes under our Producers Liquor Licence. We like to get creative in the lab, you won’t see a Turkish Delight Liqueur, Lemon Lime or Choc Caramel Liqueur (to name a few) on any retail shelves?

Now you wonder about the glass bottles? We have formed a very close relationship for almost two decades with the best glass manufacturers in Europe where we source the worlds most unique and high quality glass bottles. There are quite a few products which we have the exclusive rights to in Australia (yep that’s right you won’t find them at any other retailer.) We also decided to go ahead and design our own moulds and have bottles made exclusively just for us such as the gourmet ‘Z’ bottle, Football and Soccer Ball bottles.  

What are the expiry dates for your liqueurs

All non- creamy Liqueurs last approx 5 years. We recommend you keep your bottle in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight or on display in a brightly lit room, this may lead to the product loosing it's colour. 

Creamy Liqueurs all contain milk products so are best kept refrigerated even when unopened. They generally last 12 months from purchase.

Are your products gluten free

Yes they are, although not officially certified we can let you know both the Liqueur and Gourmet range are free from any products containing gluten.

How are the bottles filled

All by hand! Yep that’s right, imagine a warehouse of empty bottles and our awesome warehouse staff buzzing around getting them filled just for your order! You might think why we can’t get everything pre-filled by machine? It would definitely we faster, yes, but the bottles all have different size neck openings, no one machine can accommodate that so hand filled it is.

Interested in the process? Here’s a quick rundown

1. Awesome warehouse staff picks the bottle
2. Starts filling the bottle
3. Corks the bottle
4. Uses a heat seal to seal around the cork and top of the bottle
5. Ties the product swing tag around the bottle neck or affix a label onto the bottle

And voilá there you have it, the 5 step process on how your bottle is filled. We are so proud of our warehouse team who pour TLC into each and every bottle, so the extra individual care we take might mean your order may take up to 1-2 days in dispatch (this sometimes might be a bit longer during peak times ie Christmas) but we want to provide you a product you will be happy with.

Can I choose my own fill in the gift hampers

We get asked this a lot and with good reason because we’ve been known for all these years as being able to pick your own fill and bottle! Things are a little different now so the fills you see available in the GIFTS & HAMPERS section you can make the choice but are set and can’t be swapped over. 

Can I buy the bottles empty

We know how many of you love collecting glass, but we don’t sell our bottles empty.

Can I order just the gift box and shot glasses?

Unfortunately we can't just sell you the gift box + shot glasses if you order the wrong item or wish to have your purchase go in a box.