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Gourmet Gifts and Hampers

Gourmet Gifts & Hampers

Everyday Essentials

Take your taste buds on a culinary journey around the globe without leaving your kitchen.

Spice up your life with our exquisite Himalayan salt & seasonings, add a flavour punch with our moorish herbs & rubs or for an authentic organic product our olive oil range is your answer.
Our premium Gourmet Gifts and Hampers are designed to enhance the food you love, taking your taste buds to another level. Treat a Foodie or Gourmet Lover our beautiful range of Gourmet Hampers today.
Gourmet Gifts & Hampers - Flaschengeist

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Best Gourmet Gifts in Australia

Looking for the best gourmet gifts in Australia? We've got you covered. Just explore our quirky and unusual range of gourmet gifts filled with the very finest Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oils, Exotic Dukkah, Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar and more! Wow them with a unique gift from Flaschengeist.

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Premium Kitchen Essentials Hampers

Kitchen Essentials Hampers

Exotic Dukkahs, Spices & Himalayan Salts

Give a gift that foodies and the budding masterchef will appreciate. Sprinkle, dash and rub all over your favourite foods, to give it that extra POP!

Stackable Glass Jars

Stylish and functional! Save space with our stackable glass jars. Created with premium glass, they interlock with each other beautifully as you grow your collection. 

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Perfect Pairings - Split Bottle + Z Bottle

Perfect Pairings Gourmet

Flavours that complement each other beautifully

Presented in our Beautiful Glass Split Bottle, combine Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Dukkah. These are a match made in heaven, bringing out the best flavours in your food. Treat someone today with a Split Bottle Hamper.

Stackable Split Bottle

Stylish and functional! Save space with our stackable Split Bottle. Created with premium glass, they interlock with each beautifully and make the perfect pairing.

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Take a dip into new places

Delicious flavours inside quirky exclusive bottles

Indulge in our unique flavours of Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and Caramelised Balsamic Vinegars, presented in our Trio Signature Essien Bottle Pack.

Stylish and functional

The Z-Shaped Essien Bottle is manufactured exclusively for Flaschengeist. It features an in-built pourer for easy serving. A great gift for Foodies & Gourmet Lovers.

Organic Olive Oils

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Why choose us?

We're a family-run business with 19 years experience, 5 Star Google Reviews, and we offer FREE Shipping on orders over $70* - it's easy to see why our Flasch customers just keep coming back for more.

Why Choose Flaschengeist

Gourmet Gifts & Hampers | Flaschengeist

Gourmet Hampers

We Supply Unique Gourmet Hampers

Finding an appropriate gift for someone isn't a simple task. Some people have a natural flair for acquiring the perfect present while others struggle and often find themselves stretching for a gift voucher that spells no thought whatsoever. Whichever category you find yourself in, you should consider giving the gift of gourmet hampers. Whether it is for her, him, birthdays, anniversaries or specific holidays throughout the year, you'll find a suitable gift at Flaschengeist. We stock and supply various hampers that we deliver directly to you.

Benefits of Luxury Gift Hampers in Australia

If you have no clue what to gift for someone, you should opt for a gift basket delivery. Even though this isn't a new concept, when you invest in it and acquire a professional hamper, you're guaranteed to make that special person or people smile. Don't picture a boring basket with fruit in it as traditional gift baskets used to be, but rather a hamper that contains elements that people can enjoy, such as Australian-made spirits. These are the benefits of pursuing the idea of a gourmet gift hamper.


  • Gourmet gift baskets are suitable for all occasions. Whether it's an anniversary or birthday, there are multiple designs from which to select to highlight the reason for celebration. You should consider the personality of the individual and search for hampers that speak to their desires.
  • Some people assume that you can only give hampers to loved ones or close friends. While personal and professional gifts on their own should be different, you don't have to follow those rules with a gift basket. If you're dealing with business partners and wish to thank them for a successful year, presenting them with one of our gift hampers is a reasonable option.
  • Probably the best advantage of sending a hamper to someone as a gift is the fact that you don't have to get it done yourself. Instead of enduring long queues at supermarkets, especially during gifting seasons, you can select the appropriate gifts online and have us deliver them directly to the recipient. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about wrapping and presenting the gift, which eliminates stress.
  • After the recipient has consumed the contents of your gift, they can use the unique bottles in various ways, such as a decorative piece around the home or storing special liquids such as oil. Consequently, they will always have a reminder of the gift you presented them with.


What You Should Know About Liquor Gift Sets

Humans have been gifting alcohol for centuries, however, there's no definitive guide on the correct way to give liquor as a gift. Handing out liquor gifts is a joyous occasion but is mainly dependent on the recipient's personal preferences. This information will guide you in terms of which alcoholic gifts are acceptable and in what scenarios.


  • If you want to impress your boss, try to remain high-end and don't settle for anything cheap. Bear in mind that the gift is a reflection of what you think of them. If the gift can last longer than a day, it helps your cause as your boss will think of you when they're enjoying a sip of their drink. Bourbon, whiskey, rum and port are suitable options to give to the person that pays your salary.
  • When the occasion is a birthday, you have to demonstrate that you put some thought into the gift. If they prefer a particular drink, try to find variations of that to make it special. Additionally, search for unique bottles that reflect their personalities, such as a sports fan or complete music head. They will cherish the fact that you took the time to find a relatable gift.
  • Milestones during a lifetime are worth celebrating because they're rare and significant. Since these events come around once in a while, you shouldn't think twice about acquiring something that's premium. For a wedding anniversary, consider a liqueur that the couple can enjoy together. Opting for a straight-up whiskey may not be the best idea, but instead, a chocolate liqueur is perfect. Some options include 24-carat gold flakes which highlight the importance of the milestone.
  • When you're shopping for seasonal holidays, you don't have to break your budget, as our standard spirit bottles in Australia will suffice. To make your gift stand out, you can add Australian gourmet gifts to accompany the liqueur.


About Flaschengeist

We've been inventing gift ideas for Australians since 2002, which is why we are the preferred destination for all types of gifts, including liqueur, glassware and gourmet hampers. The definition of our name is 'spirit in glass', and that's exactly what we deliver with our products. We offer free shipping on orders over $70 to metro and major locations across Australia. Full T&Cs apply*.

We currently offer a straightforward online shopping experience where you'll discover a new world of gifting. Our products are unique, and you won't find them anywhere else except for our store. Contact us if you require more information or assistance in selecting an appropriate gift.