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Non-Alcoholic Range


that ticks all the right boxes


Enjoy the taste but prefer a healthier non-alcoholic alternative? We have created a ready-to-drink option of some of your favourites that are complex and delicious in flavour! Enjoy



Have a gift for a non-drinker to buy for? The new Gift Box range has something to suit every age, taste and situation. Plus.....


Gin & Tonic

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Vodka & Lime

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Vodka & Lime

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Gin & Tonic

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Non Alcoholic Gifts

Flaschengeist, a proud Australian owned and family run liqueur brand is excited to launch three unique non alcoholic flavours to their decorated bespoke range of products- FREE OF ALCOHOL but FULL OF SPIRIT


Founder, Milton Karan identified the growing trend for non alcoholic beverages during COVID & lockdown in 2020 with a shift directed towards health and fitness. In true “Flasch” style the Company has spent many months perfecting a unique line of drinks, proudly Australian-made that ticks all the right boxes with natural ingredients, low calories, sugar-free, gluten free and 100% vegan.


If you enjoy a G&T but prefer a healthier non alcoholic gin alternative, Flaschengeist have created a ready-to-drink option. You will be blown away by the appealing aromatic juniper that is the signature ingredient for this popular beverage. Pink in hue, this drink will be a hit at your next 'booze free' party!


More of a Vodka fan but dread the hangover? Flaschengeist have you covered with their version of a Vodka & Lime. The Company is known for their love of colour and this drink has been carefully crafted in a striking green shade, very eye catching, but the scent and taste will definitely not disappoint the senses.


Chocolate lovers have not been forgotten either! A rich and moorish Chocolate Vodka is added to this trio collection for those with more a sweet-tooth. Are you always the designated driver? Do not feel left out at your next party, serve it up in a fancy martini glass and cheers the night away. The beauty is though you’ll wake up the next morning feeling fresh!


Flaschengeist, which means Spirit in the Glass was founded in 2002 and has proudly been hand-filling each and every bottle as part of their fill to order process for almost 2 decades. The non alcoholic range will be no exception! Available in the sophisticated Gift presentation box with the branded glass shot glasses this bespoke product is ideal for the Mum-to-Be, the designated driver, your pal on a health-kick or even a special birthday gift.  

About Flaschengeist

With over 19 years of experience putting smiles on faces with the perfect gifts, we know the value of a unique gift that you won’t find in a mall shop window. We are Australia’s number one glassware, liqueur, and gift innovator, and we provide free shipping on orders over $70 to metro and major locations in Australia. Full T&Cs apply*.

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