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Your empty Flasch Bottle is only limited by your creativity. Here's how to transform them.....



Inject luxury into your home by upcycling your Love Heart, Shoe & Decanter Bottles.

Wipe craft glue all over your bottle, sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry overnight. Voila a stunning flower vase!



DIY? More like FIY #Flasch It Yourself. Turn your empty Flasch Bottles into stunning Xmas decor. Beats rushing to the shops during the silly season!


Once your liqueur has been enjoyed, why not find a bright new way to reuse your Flasch Bottle?

Adding coloured sand, pink salts and tea lights for a decorative display



So cute you'll want to keep them forever! Reuse your empty Bunny Bottles


  • Paint them and turn into flower vases
  • Use as candy jars



Give your Bunny Bottles a new life! Just put fairy lights in and turn them into intimate displays.