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Article: Corporate Gift Ideas: How To Make A Lasting Impression

Corporate Gift Ideas: How To Make A Lasting Impression

Corporate Gift Ideas: How To Make A Lasting Impression

Whether your employees just knocked it out of the park this quarter or you're prepping up for the holiday season early this year, you will want to make a lasting impression with this round of corporate gift ideas.

Now, we personally recommend liqueurs because you can't go wrong with a delicious drink. However, it's only fair to mention that there are many kinds of corporate gifts you can offer this year, and we'll even suggest a few, but we're keener on helping you make a lasting impression with whatever you choose. Here's how to make a lasting impression with your corporate gift ideas.

Your Brand is Only as Good as its Reputation

Does your company have a good reputation with its staff? Your staff is very familiar with your day-to-day operations, and what they experience at work may be different from what your customers or clients experience when they serve them. For example, you may prioritise your clients' deadlines and customer expectations when offering them a service, but what does this mean for your staff? Do you prioritise their work-life balance while emphasising the importance of getting the job done?

It may seem a little cliche to suggest this, but gift them handy gadgets that make their days easier in and out of the office. You could gift them self-stirring coffee mugs for those well-needed coffee breaks on their commute to work or in the office. You could even give them something that shows them you care about their well-being outside of work, like a liqueur they can enjoy after a meal at home.

Nothing quite says relax and take a load off like a sweet treat after a day's work. And if it's coming from a company-branded bottle, it's a subtle reminder they'll have with their nightcap.

A Personalised Gift Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Your office gifts must be thoughtful, but your accounting team doesn't have to implode when checking the books at the end of the fiscal year. Corporate gifts can range from affordable refillable pens to little trinkets they can use at home. It can even be planners with your staff's names embossed on the cover. These are all affordable office gifts.

You can take it a step further with a thoughtful corporate gift box set from our liqueur collection (that you can order in bulk and save on with some discounts from Flaschengeist). You can choose the drink you're gifting your staff to match the occasion or based on what they whisper to their coworkers that they enjoy. You can even gather this information in a survey that shows that you're not just getting them a gift for the heck of it. It will show that you're putting thought into your gift idea and care about whether or not they enjoy it.

It's All in the Details

Now, this is where we'll suggest our services some more – because we focus on the details at Flaschengeist. A corporate gift box that leaves a lasting impression prioritises the little things. You'll want to find something that complements their personal taste and lifestyle.

If you run a trucking company, we'd recommend something that pays tribute to those magnificent machines that play an integral part in every business sector's operations. For example, our corporate truck bottle gift sets come with sleek shot glasses and a truck-shaped decanter. We fill these decanters with an age-old classic – Johnny Walker Scotch whiskey (please encourage your truckers to enjoy it when they're not on the clock).

We have single and double Christmas tree-shaped bottles if it's the holiday season and you want something Christmas-themed. The details make them a lasting gift when fielding corporate gift ideas. After they finish the whiskey or the liqueur inside, some may save the bottles because they are unique, and your recipients could use them as decor.

Quality is Key, Especially When Making a First Impression

We're not suggesting that you blow through the budget, but we highly recommend investing in high-quality gifts for your staff who produce high-quality work. If this is your first time gifting them for the holidays or performance, making a lasting impression with a quality gift can boost morale for the next year – or quarter.

One thing that sets Flaschengeist apart from other liqueur brands is our commitment to using only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. From the fruits and herbs that go into our spirits to the glass bottles we package our drinks, we support local businesses and promote sustainable practices. We offer a product that can last a minimum of 5 years and a cool bottle they can repurpose for many years thereafter.

Find Ways to Incorporate Your Branding Into the Actual Gift Itself

Many companies offer you the opportunity to choose items on which you can put your company's logo. Try to include branding when fleshing out your corporate gift ideas. Those unique liqueur bottles we mentioned earlier are the perfect items to brand and gift your staff. If they choose to save the bottles after consuming the tasty drink, having your company logo reminds them gently that their employer appreciates them.

Make a Lasting Impression with Flaschengeist

It's important to consider your gift recipient's taste and interest to make a lasting impression with corporate gifts. Personalised gifts, like items with the recipient's name or a custom message, can be particularly effective.

Your staff are more likely to appreciate and remember high-quality and valuable items. One of the things that makes Flaschengeist so unique is the care and attention that goes into every bottle. From sourcing ingredients to bottling, we're committed to producing high-quality spirits that people can savour and enjoy.

If you're looking for a premium liqueur brand that uses only the finest ingredients and promotes sustainable practices for your next corporate gift idea, then Flaschengeist is an excellent choice. Our unique flavours and versatile nature make our liqueurs perfect for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails. We hand-fill and seal every bottle before shipment. Check out our collection today.

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