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Article: Our Top 3 Recommended Gifts for Valentines Day

Our Top 3 Recommended Gifts for Valentines Day

Our Top 3 Recommended Gifts for Valentines Day

That special day to show that special someone how much you care for her is just around the corner, and the pressure's on to get the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. It can't be too cheesy, and it needs to say 'I love you' in some way, and it can't be a recycled gift idea from last year!

You're probably asking yourself why is celebrating Valentine's Day even necessary, and we can help you answer that too. So what are your options? Although we subscribe to the notion that every day is a special day to show your significant other that you care about them, we've got 3 Valentine's Day gift ideas from our collection that your special lady will adore. 

Why is Celebrating Valentine's Day Important?

There are a few reasons why Valentine's Day is an important day for celebration regardless of relationship status.

Valentine's Day Provides an Opportunity to Express Thanks

Valentine's Day celebrations allow you to reflect on what you're grateful for regarding your partner. It will enable a particular time to feel and express thankfulness. The benefits of appreciation in general and in the context of relationships don't go unrecognized.

Expressing this appreciation to your spouse strengthens your romantic relationship and improves your connection and contentment. Gratitude can boost other good emotions connected with happy partnerships, including general happiness, hope, and pride.

Valentine's Day Makes it Easy to Focus on the Positive

Another way that Valentine's Day celebrations can bring out those sentiments of appreciation is that it allows you to concentrate on the positive. We focus on our partner's positive attributes and why we're with them and love them. Taking the time to do this allows us to become more in tune with our partner's wants and desires, resulting in a better relationship connection and fulfilment.

Valentine's Day is a Chance to Spend Quality Time Together

It is significant for persons whose love language is quality time; by commemorating occasions such as Valentine's Day or anniversaries, couples set aside time to do something together, like have dinner or an activity. There's nothing wrong with scheduling some physical intimacy as well! Quality time becomes more difficult to find as people's lives become busy, yet finding time for the relationship and spending quality time together is essential for relationship maintenance and enjoyment.

Gifts for Her This Valentine's Day

Here are some of the top Valentine's Day gift ideas we recommend from our collection.

Shoe Bottle Gift Box

While we can't safely use diamonds in our drinks just yet, our Shoe Bottle gift box sets come with 24-carat gold flakes in all six flavours we offer with this set. The flavours are:

  • Butterscotch
  • Hone highland
  • Hazlenut
  • Raspberry
  • Turkish Delight
  • Strawberry

Our unique shoe bottle has a high heel and embossed necklace piece. The fruity liqueur flavours come in different gold-flecked colours you can choose from, and they're all a delicious sweet treat – she'll love it!

But why shoes as Valentine's Day gifts for her? Shoe-themed Valentines Day gift ideas can be a playful and creative way to express your affection. You can show your significant other that you're thinking about her on Valentine's Day with a whimsical and fun trinket like our shoe-shaped jewellery design or a cute shoe-shaped liqueur.

Shoe-themed gifts also tap into Valentine's Day's romantic side. In the fashion space, people associate high heels with femininity, making them a perfect gift for a special occasion.

Pair our Shoe Bottle Gift box with a gift certificate to a shoe store and allow your partner to pick a pair of shoes they genuinely love. It shows that you trust their taste and care about their happiness, and you'd give great Valentine's Day gifts for her in the process.

Loved Up Gift Box

The Loved Up Gift Box is another one of our cute and cheeky Valentine's Day gift ideas. The set comes with two bottles, two shot glasses, and two different liqueur flavours. The cutesy reminder is thanks to the shapes of the Adam and Eve bottles and the flavours in each.

We hand-fill the Adam bottle (shaped like a human male) with Chocolate Port liqueur and the Eve bottle with Strawberry flavoured liqueur in a bottle shaped like the female form. It comes with two shot glasses, and you can use it as a beautiful representation of your relationship. Since our bottles are unique, your significant other gets a two-for-one gift, as she can save the bottles and use them as decor long after she finishes the liqueurs.

You could even make it a tradition to share a drink on special occasions – but keep in mind that our liqueurs have a shelf life of five years, so only keep the drinks that long.

Love Heart Bottle Gift Box

The Love Heart Bottle one's a pretty easy Valentine's Day gift box choice. The very symbol of love is the heart, and our heart-shaped bottles are great gifts for this occasion (and anniversaries too). Like our Shoe bottle gift box, you can choose from 6 liqueur flavours, and they all come with soft 24-carat edible gold flakes.

There are several reasons why the heart is a fitting Valentine's Day symbol. The heart represents love and affection. Because we associate it with emotions like passion and devotion, people often use the heart to express romantic love. Psychologists consider the heart the seat of emotions and use it to represent the emotional tie between two people.

Another reason the heart is an appropriate symbol for Valentine's Day is that it represents the physical qualities of love. The heart is a vital organ that circulates blood throughout the body and is frequently linked to physical attraction and desire. This relationship between the heart and physical love makes it an appropriate symbol for Valentine's Day, a festival that centres on romantic love.

Artists also use the heart as a symbol of love and emotion in art, literature, and poetry, which adds to the heart's status as the ultimate symbol of love and affection. Because of its link with love and respect, the emotional bond between two people, and the physical components of love, the heart is a symbol that is widely connected with Valentine's Day.

Bonus Gift Idea

Dried-scented flowers like rose petals pair well with any Valentine's Day gift box you choose from our collection. When your partner finishes the liqueur, you can encourage them to save the bottles and put the dried flowers in them for decor. It can also prolong the reminder of your love with a gift that can last many years. It's one of those Valentine's Day gift ideas for her that keeps on giving.

Get Her the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day gifts celebrate love and commitment to your partner. The shoe is a surprisingly popular symbol on Love day because it represents femininity and elegance – and most women love shoes. A gift that takes the shape of both human forms can represent your relationship, and the heart is the universal symbol of love.

Flaschengeist makes gift-giving a lot easier with our unique liqueur bottles. Our bottles are glass; you can reuse them as decor or as another decanter. Plus, the drinks are all 100% gluten-free and deliciously made with the best ingredients, and every bottle is hand-filled for our customers. Get her something beautiful and delicious this Valentine's Day from us.

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