Boozy Honeycombe Cocktail

Creamy, caramel, smooth and so easy to drink! This cocktail is like a boozy milkshake for adults. Butterscotch Liqueur is a sweet one but hey there are loads of sweet tooth's out there that'll love this liquid form of golden goodness. As it's too easy to drink, you'll need to make a double batch to enjoy! 


1/2 cup Flaschengeist Butterscotch Liqueur

60ml Vodka

1 cup of milk

2 scoops of Hokey Pokey ice cream

Caramel sauce

Crushed honeycombe


Rim a glass with caramel sauce and then dip into the crushed honeycombe. Add the liqueur, Vodka, ice cream, milk and ice into a blender and blitz till all combined. Strain into a glass to serve.

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