Bundaberg Rum - Australia's Iconic Distilled Spirit

Rum is the heartbeat of Australian Spirit drinking culture, especially in the north regions of Australia. At Flaschengeist we have predominantly specialised and offered our unique range of Liqueurs but by popular demand, in late 2022 introduced Bundaberg Rum as a fill option in our bottles, and wow what a response! 

An Australian Icon

Bundaberg is an Australian iconic Brand first established in1888, in Queensland (where the best sugarcane grows) and has a cult following of consumers and collectors. No bar is complete without a bottle of Bundaberg & some memorabilia of glasses, coasters, bottle openers too. Overwhelming Australian's choose Bundaberg Rum because of the flavour, mixture and the advertising behind this brand. "Bundy" Rum (as it's so fondly referred to) is synonymous with the Australian psyche of being an honest and trusting product and brand. 

Ordering at the bar, a Bundy & Coke is a staple mix any bartender will be pouring on any given shift. Now that cocktails have become the drinking trend, the Dark and Stormy Cocktail is a mix of Bundaberg rum with ginger beer and a splash of lime juice. Serve over ice and garnish with a lime wedge. Any decent drinks menu will have the popular Mai Tai: a mix of Bundaberg rum with orange juice, pineapple juice, and almond syrup. Shake well and strain into a glass. Garnish with a cherry and a slice of lime. 

Now we have established the popularity and versatility of Bundaberg, it is obvious why Flaschengeist has introduced this brand into the mix. Combining the choice by customers to select the bespoke glass bottles such as a Truck, Pistol, Motorbike, Easter Bunny, Football and Sailboat filled with this trusted Dark Rum is undoubtedly a winning formula. 

The Perfect Gift

Is it a brain racking experience every Father's Day, Birthday & Christmas time as to what Gift For Him to buy. Chocolates, socks and aftershave have been exhausted, Movie tickets are no use when all he does is fall asleep throughout the movie and forget clothes because that only gets received with a groan. But a unique bottle shape, filled with Rum presented in a gift box with shot glasses has definitely hit the right note with customers. Here is what verified customers are saying: 

Grahame Maher

Awesome gift. Looks bloody great and comes nicely gift package. Gift for my 18 yr old nephew and he absolutely loved it. Great idea.

Susan Crew
Perfect gift

It is my son in laws 50th and I was looking for something special. He is not only a rum drinker but also a truck driver so this is the perfect gift. Beautifully presented, easy to order and very speedy delivery.

Available through Dan Murphy's 

Since launching our Flaschengeist Bottles filled with Bundaberg Rum, we made these available through Dan Murphy's online website for all of Australia to have the opportunity to purchase. A resounding number of purchases have been made by collectors who see a new range of fancy bottles to add to their bar or mancave. This Easter a Bunny Bottle 350ml filled with Bundaberg Rum is also available, which makes a more thoughtful gift for adults instead of the usual supermarket bough Chocolate Eggs. 

Corporate Gifts 

We service many Companies in the Freight & Logistics sector, especially up in Queensland where the most popular product has been the Truck Bottle Gift Box with Bundy. 

Gifts with alcohol are a popular way in Australia to show appreciation for clients, staff, and business partners who can enjoy outstanding, high-quality spirits neat, on the rocks, or as a mixer in cocktails – after work hours, of course.  

Sending a corporate gift hamper is a guaranteed way to build emotional connection between you & the recipient. Ultimately strengthening the relationship between the recipient and the company/brand. Our sales team will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure your experience is easy and effortless. 

Bundy with Gold 

Do you struggle to buy someone with the means to buy anything they desire, that fussy Boss with a particular taste level, or even a wedding gift? An exclusive range of Gold Gifts has been created at Flaschengeist, with the classy Luxe Decanter 700ml filled with the Bundaberg Rum with edible 24 Carat Gold Flakes. The safe-to-consume edible gold flakes add a touch of luxury to your drink. A perfect gift for Father's Day and Golden Wedding Anniversary. 


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