Help Save the Earth and Upcycle Your Flasch Bottle

For years we have been hearing "I collect glass bottles" or "I'm buying it just for the bottle" and to say we are chuffed by this level of devotion by our collectors is a definite certainty. Once the Liqueur or Spirit inside has been enjoyed, the elegant bottle becomes a keepsake, ideal for displaying fragrances, coloured sand or fresh blooms. Of course, you’ll find countless other ways to repurpose this unique work of art.

You don't have to be the arts and craftsy type either, it could be as simple as adding a few long stems of flowers with some water in the bottle to transform it into a table centre piece or mantel place decoration. 

Brighten Up Your Home

Why not find a bright new way to reuse your Flasch Bottle? Brighten up your home once the Liquor has been enjoyed and place fairy lights inside to illuminate any table setting or brighten up a dreary corner? Can you image the Bunny Bottle at Easter time lighting up your festive table, or at Christmas time having a fun filled Christmas Eve dinner and your Christmas Tree Bottle is shining bright like the northern lights! 

Add a bit of Sparkle

The bottle is only limited by your own creativity. How will you transform it? Ready to add a bit of bling bling glitter to your life or home? The Love Heart Bottle or Shoe Bottle are the ideal shapes to be coating your favourite colours of glitter and sparkles with. It's as simple as applying craft glue all over the bottle and sprinkling the glitter over the top. It's simple, but a tad messy but so much fun in the process to glitterfy your home decor. Once dried, add a hydrangea or sunflower to give it that pop of life and colour. So simple yet so satisfying to repurpose and Flasch Up your empty bottles, the Earth is saying Thank You! 

Candy Display

Oh, and how can we forget the sweet tooth? The empty bottles lend themselves to become the most colourful and tempting sweet haven, now it's up to you to create the magic. Layer small Skittles or M&Ms colour by colour (yes that means spending time sorting them out) but that can be an organised persons gratification?  Use the configuration of the rainbow colour chart or how ever your creative flair takes you but how gorgeous will it look when the Eve Bottle is coloured in full glory? Be gone of the plain jars in your kitchen a few Flasch Bottles will jazz up any Kitchen top, here's to the beauty of the upcycle. 

Thank you for helping reduce the carbon footprint and reusing your Flasch Bottles. It's time we start to use our resources and make less impact on the earth we live in, every bit counts. In the meantime, enjoy the contents of your bottle and then the time spent Flasching It Up! 


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