Lift up your Game this Easter with Boozy Chocolate Gifts For Adults

Chocolate Eggs.....more chocolate eggs, ok so what do you give a grown adult (yes they might be a confessed chocoholic) something other than the standard, supermarket purchased Choc Eggs? A Glass Bunny Bottle filled with the moorish and most popular creamy liqueur in the world Baileys Irish Cream, well of course!?

For years now, Flaschengeist have been releasing the Bunny Bottle each Easter in a 200ml size, but now in 2023 they have upped their game and have manufactured (yeo just for them) a 350ml size, the bigger the better we say! Not only is the Bunny Bottle available filled with Baileys but also six other Chocolate flavoured liqueurs (all Australian-made), such as Choc Mint, Choc Caramel, Baci, Choc Turkish Delight and more.

Now we have your mouth salivating for chocolate in boozy liquid form, image an Easter Hamper with Darrell Lea Easter Chocolate Eggs too? The most icon confectionery and chocolatier, making Australian Made products, in Australia, ,for Australian's will feature in all Gift Box sets and Gift Hampers this Easter. Can you really name a better duo of Boozy Chocolate Liquor + Chocolate Easter Eggs.....we thought not!!  Oh but wait, for the Spirit drinker there is also Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky, Bundaberg Rum and Jim Beam Bourbon available too. OMG now your Easter list is getting a few more ticks!

All products come in a classic style Flaschengeist Gift Box, a Bunny Bottle or two, some will have a shot glass included but all will include Darrell Lea Choc Eggs, this just sounds so easy and Egg-citing. 

Can this whole scene get any better you ask.....yes it can. Not only can you reuse your Glass Bunny Bottle and refill it with more Flaschengeist Liqueurs, but you can #upcycyle your bottle too. Paint it, glue glitter on it, spray paint it  the creative choice is yours to make a unique table centre decoration, vase for tulips or fill it with coloured sand or lollies. The mind can really go crazy and the house can get a spruce up with your upcycled Flasch Bunny Bottle. 

Up your gift giving game this Easter and have some fun with the unique range of Boozy Easter Hampers and Gifts an Egg-cellent idea for the Adults in 2023. 

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