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Discover one-of-a-kind gifts

Flaschengeist has elevated gift giving to an art form. We pride ourselves with our unique line of liqueurs, organic olive oils, caramelised balsamic vinegars, herbs & spices exquisitely bottled with premium packaging. Flaschengeist is the solution to your gifting needs, there’s something to suit every taste and budget to make gift giving easy.

24 Carat Gold Flake Gifts

Add a touch of luxury to gift-giving or your next celebration with our Australian-made Liqueurs, filled with edible 24 Carat Gold Flakes. Perfect for celebrating a special milestone event such as a Gold Anniversary or wedding. Why not celebrate in style by adding that extra bling bling?

Artisan Gourmet

Our range consists of delicious infused organic olive oils, caramelised balsamic vinegars, exotic Dukkah, herbs, rubs and spices with a unique twist. The introduction of contemporary and innovative flavours has been integral to your pleasure of these everyday essentials to compliment your recipes perfectly every time.

Cocktail Recipes

Whether you're looking for some inspiration or know what you want, we've got the perfect Flasch Cocktail Recipe for you.

Simply use your Flaschengeist Liqueurs and try something new using our delicious cocktail recipes!


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Unique Alcohol Gift Sets for the Sportsman! Do you struggle to find him gifts for that special occasion? Look no further. Our impressive Sports Bottles are filled with classic flavoured Liqueurs including Bourbon, Whiskey, Butterscotch and more!

With unique sports bottles in our collection from Motorbikes, Soccerballs, Footballs, Sail Boats and more, you're sure to find the perfect one for the Sportsman.


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Flaschengeist Customer Reviews
Flaschengeist Customer Reviews
Flaschengeist Customer Reviews
Flaschengeist Customer Reviews


The Flasch Journey

Our history spans over 19 years, and we've sold to over 100,000 happy customers.
Today, we're exclusively online. Click here to learn more about us.

Upcycle Flasch Bottles


Upcycle your Flasch Bottles

When you've finished your delicious liqueur, all is not lost. Upcycle your empty bottles with tealights, flowers, or anything else that comes to your imagination. Now the bottle is #FlaschedUp ready for your table or decoration display.

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Unique Gifts from Flaschengeist

Alcohol Gift Sets

Boxed Alcohol Gift Sets for Every Taste and Event from Numero Uno Gift Innovators

Our alcohol gift sets provide a brightly coloured variety of unique choices, textures, flavours, and “spirit in a glass”. Rejoice in the special moments life has to offer with our one-of-a-kind products. Discover our delicious and frequently audacious liqueur tastes and uncommonly shaped and sized bottles online.

Unique Alcohol Gift Boxes

We solve your gifting challenges with products that you cannot find on the mass market. You choose the items. We fill and process the order by hand within one to two days and dispatch your alcohol gift delivery Australia-wide via a first-class courier. We gladly ship to our customers in New Zealand.


  • Order from us if you are looking for exceptional gifts for Father’s-, Mother’s-, or Valentine’s Day. We are set up to manage your Easter gifts and hampers, birthdays, Black Friday, Secret Santa, anniversary, and Christmas purchases promptly. Our Flaschengeist merchandise is only available online.
  • We offer free delivery on orders over $70 to metro and major locations in Canberra, Brisbane, the Central, Gold and Sunshine Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Cairns and Townsville, Sydney, Adelaide, Newcastle, Orange, and Wollongong. Full T&Cs apply*.
  • You will receive VIP member benefits if you join our Flasch VIP Club. These include discounts, offers, and access to our limited liqueurs, bottles, and products. We supply specialised products to motorbike and truck devotees, golf, soccer, football, and other sports enthusiasts.  
  • Our company is the only concern in Australia that distributes personalised alcohol gifts such as liqueurs that contain edible 24-carat gold flakes. Look at our sophisticated, luxurious, elegant offerings in distinctive specialty bottles that will bring a twinkle to the eyes of someone who deserves a treat.
  • The Océane Decanter incorporates a refined, eye-catching wave design. Our Bordeaux decanters will also make classy corporate and settlement gifts. Blow your partner away with the romantic heart-shaped or exceptional high-heeled shoe bottle with an imprinted necklace piece that you present at a meaningful occasion.
  • Our gold-flecked alcohol gift ideas are perfect for all celebrations, including weddings, engagements, job promotions, and golden wedding anniversaries. Gold is a soft, light, tasteless, and natural metal food additive that is safe to consume. The Australian Health Authorities has sanctioned it for human ingestion.


The recipient will appreciate the timeless and distinctive elegance of such an indulgent, delicious, Australian-made statement gift.


Tips Regarding Alcohol Hampers


Sports fans will be excited and impressed to receive a one-of-a-kind sports bottle filled with Australian-made Chocolate Port, Rum, Whiskey, or Bourbon. We offer sports-inspired bottles with high-end detailing such as complicated stitching on the rugby ball, detail on the soccer sock, and imprinted studs underneath the boot.


  • Surprise a horse lover with a beautifully crafted prancing horse with fine detail in its sculptured mane, filled with one of our rakish liqueurs. We manufacture the motorbike bottle of the best quality glass. It contains numerous intricate details the lucky recipient can stare at for hours as they sip the delicious contents.
  • We have a hole-in-one bottle for the golfer, an elegant sailboat, and a glass truck that looks like the real thing. We make it easy for you to find a bottle that expresses a friend’s personality and interests so you can make their day exceptional with your gift.
  • Treat the musician in your life to our acoustic guitar bottle with its rounded body, slender neck and accurately placed strings - or a finely detailed saxophone bottle - filled with the alcohol of your choice. View our sports bottle alcohol presents and take your pick. You can re-use these rare bottles for many different things.


Our company has been Australia’s numero uno liqueur, gift, and glassware innovators since 2002. Our family has been in the industry for more than 19 years. We enjoy creating new products that nobody has come up with to enthral our customers. You do not want to browse past our delectable cocktail recipes either.


What Sets Flaschengeist Apart Regarding Alcohol Gift Packs in Australia?


We offer such a wide variety of gift sets and hampers that we cannot possibly introduce you to all of them here. Do yourself a favour and take a look at our alcoholic gifts for all occasions.


  • We are glassware connoisseurs. Our bottles are made of top-quality glass. We provide traditional, timeless classics and novelty shaped bottles such as the Christmas tree, Christmas wave twin set, and snowman bottle twin set.
  • The Just Add to Gin gourmet gift box contains 250 millilitres each of caramelised blueberry balsamic vinegar, caramelised pomegranate balsamic vinegar, and caramelised blood orange balsamic vinegar for the adventurous gin lover in your life. Our tangy, tart and sweet vinegar varieties taste incredible when you add them to gin and tonic with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Mum might love our salted caramel cream liqueur or glamorous Piña Colada in our two Skyline bottles with two shot glasses on Mother’s Day. A sophisticated patriarch will love it when you pour his drink with panache from our decanter filled with 24-carat gold flakes on Father’s Day.
  • We have just the thing if you are looking for gifts on a significant event or thank you alcohol gifts for chocoholics. Consider our chic decanter filled with luscious chocolate cream liqueur, accompanied by two branded shot glasses. The beneficiary can use the delightful bottle as a tea-light display on their bar, a candlestick holder, a centrepiece, or a single flower vase when it is empty.


Our 100 percent Australian made liqueurs are available in a wide range of specialty flavours. Each recipe is an exclusive Flaschengeist creation. We present your gift magnificently in our signature black box with white and black ribbon detail.


About Flaschengeist

Our gifts are unique because we invent and produce our own varieties. Our liqueur recipes are exclusive to our company. We dispatch a fresh product each time as we hand-fill the bottle just before delivery.


Contact us to place your order and discover our many exceptional offers today.

Trendy Alcohol Gifts

Trendy Alcohol Gifts Exclusive to Flaschengeist

Spoil someone special or yourself with our trendy alcohol gifts. Flaschengeist delivers quality gifts and unique hampers with liqueurs, and gourmet foods right to your door. Browse our brilliant gift options now.

What You Can Expect from Our Unique Liquor Bottles

We are Australia’s premium online glassware and liquor shop. You won’t find our unique products anywhere else.


  • Flaschengeist’s quality glass liquor bottles come in more than 15 different shapes. Our bottles are made to last and won’t break on their way to you.
  • We have special themed bottles for all kinds of people and special days of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and anniversaries. Our fancy alcohol bottles come in golf, sailboat, football and soccer-theme shapes for sporty, outdoor people, and motorcycle and truck shapes for motorheads.
  • Our guitar and saxophone bottles are ideal for music lovers and musicians, and we have a beautiful lady’s shoe shape too. These are just a few of the cool alcohol bottles we have for ladies and gents. Browse our collection to find the perfect boozy gift for your friend or loved one.


Creative Ways to Use Our Cool Liquor Bottles and Gifts

Once you have chosen the right bottle, you can complement it with your choice of premium liquor.


  • Flaschengeist has the best bourbon, rum, port, and whiskey. We have created unique flavoured liqueurs, including butterscotch, aniseed, chocolate, strawberry, and more to suit every palate. Have a look at our recipes page for inspirational ideas on how to make delicious cocktails.
  • We have also designed opulent liqueur gifts with real gold flakes. Make a bold statement with classic designs, such as the Océane Decanter with 24-carat gold flakes. It comes in a lovely gift box, and you can choose from eight different liqueurs, including raspberry and lychee flavour liqueurs, or honey whiskey, to name a few.
  • Once you have finished the Flaschengeist liqueur, you or your gift recipient can upcycle the fancy glass bottle. They can be reused as stylish decanters at home and work or as décor around the bar to remind one of a special occasion or achievement.


Why You Should Choose Flaschengeist Gifts

For almost 20 years, we have created the best alcohol and gourmet food gifts for Australians by Australians. We’ve proudly served more than 80 000 happy customers. Flaschengeist is a family business, and we're all about celebrating special moments in life with quality treats for everyone.

We manufacture our unique liqueurs with the finest ingredients, and each order is created exactly to your specifications. We strive to bring our innovative gifts to you at affordable prices with free delivery to all major centres.

Keep an eye on our website as we regularly launch new products, including delicious liqueur flavours, gourmet foods and wines, and other quality seasonal gifts and special offers. If you want to get in touch with us, visit our contact page. We will respond to your requests as soon as possible.


What makes us so Flasch?


  • 100% Australian owned and operated family run business
  • Free Shipping on orders over $70* T&Cs Apply
  • Exclusively made liqueurs
  • Unique range of alcohol gifts
  • Australia’s best Christmas gifts
  • Special occasion gifts & hampers for all of life’s special moments
  • Flasch customer service from a team who love their job


100% Australian Owned and operated

Our name might be foreign, but we are an Australian owned, family run business since 2002 and we’re in the business of delivery joy and something Flasch into your day. Each and every product has been sourced by our founder and are hand filled and packed with lots of TLC by our experienced team. We’ve spent close to two decades making sure that every part of the Flaschengeist experience is fabulous! From the exclusive liqueurs made from all our own recipes, artisan gourmet to add a splash of Flasch of everyday essentials and not to mention the bling bling gold added in our wines. From the packaging design and exquisite products, every part of the process is designed to offer value, luxury and quality. Whether it is a wine hamper or a gift to say thank you, or a romantic Valentine’s Day gift we treat every order as if it were being delivered to our own family.


Free Shipping on orders over $70

Get free shipping when you spend over $70 in the areas listed (metro and major locations only). Adelaide, Brisbane/ Gold & Sunshine Coast, Cairns & Townsville, Canberra, Central Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle/Orange & Wollongong, Perth, Sydney. Orders less than $70 will incur a $9.95 flat rate shipping cost (metro and major locations only). Regional and all other areas will attract a $20 flat rate. For more information click here.


Exclusively made liqueurs

We Design & Manufacture our own Flavours, all are 100% Australian-Made.

We offer a wide-range of Specialty Flavours and we definitely like to get creative in the lab, you won’t see a Sticky Date, Fruit Tingle or Blue Angel Liqueur (to name a few) on any retail shelves?


Unique range of alcohol gifts

Boozy gifts for adults only, available in uniquely shaped bottles, themed for every occasion and taste at affordable prices.


Australia’s best Christmas gifts

It’s no secret our fave time of year is Christmas! In 2020 we will be offering a massive range of Christmas gifts to suit every recipient. With new bottles (more sizes of the Christmas Tree Bottle), liqueurs, artisan gourmet we offer festive ideas for every budget, with our price range as low as $35. It’s never been easy to choose a Flasch gift for him- with our Horse, Motorbike, Sail Boat, Football & Soccer Ball bottles plus more. Or a chocoholic with our Chocolate Cream, Choc Port, Turkish Delight, Salted Caramel Cream liqueurs.

Our experienced warehouse team are such busy bees over the festive season as we swoon over each hand filled bottle, so we suggest allowing enough time for dispatch and a little extra for delivery too.


Special occasion gifts & hampers for all of life’s special moments

Don't just send any old gift this year. Spoil your loved ones this Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas with something Flasch! Our unique range of Specialty Alcohol Bottles & Delicious Gourmet Hampers will sure impress. Whisky, Bourbon, Rum and Port gifts, sweet gourmet, everyday essential ingredients, sparkling wines with 24 carat gold flakes- you’ll find the ultimate gift box for everyone in your family or workplace.

Our aim is to take the stress out of gift giving with an array of themed hampers, gift sets or single bottles to suit all occasions and tastes. We hope through Flaschengeist you can add a splash of joy into your day and gift giving.


Flasch customer service from a team who love their job.

From our family to yours, every product that leaves our Melbourne warehouse comes from a team of happy Flaschies who hope the recipient is super pleased with their product. We love receiving your emails telling us how the gift you bought was just perfect and seeing your 5 Star Google reviews really makes our day! Our experienced customer service team are gifting experts and are here to help with any enquiry you might have.