Unique Mother's Day Gifts

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Spoil Mum with Beautiful Liquor Gifts

Mum's deserve the best, and Mother's Day is the perfect way to show her your love and appreciation.

Our unique range of Mother's Day Liquor Gifts will sure leave Mum with her smile on her face, and will make her feel special.

Shop our beautiful Mother's Day range today and get ready to make her day.

Unique Mother's Day Gifts - Flaschengeist

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Mother's Day?

We're a family-run business with 19 years experience, 5 Star Google Reviews, and we offer FREE Shipping on orders over $70* - it's easy to see why our Flasch customers just keep coming back for more.

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Treat the Queen in Your Life...

NEW & Limited Edition for

Mother's Day 2021

Spoil Mum this Mother's Day with something Flasch! There's lots of exciting liquor gifts this year including:


The Shoe Bottle - order Yours Now

Exclusive Hand Blown Twist Bottle

Limited Edition Flavours - Watermelon Vodka, Mango, Chocolate Caramel...

Plus many more...


Our Mother's Day Gifts are exceptionally unique, and they're sure to leave a smile on Mum's face! When you choose a Mother's Day Gift from Flaschengeist, it's going to be a memorable one.

New & Limited Edition for Mother's Day - Flaschengeist

Top Selling Mother's Day Gifts

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The Shoe Bottle

24 Carat Gold Flake Options Available

For the Stylish Mum

Spoil Mum with a Gift she won't forget a beautiful gift for Mother's Day. Beautiful, classy and elegant, our one-of-a-kind Shoe Bottle features an embossed necklace piece and raised stiletto. Spoil your Mum with our gold flake-infused liqueurs or delectable chocolate or creamy.

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The Hand Blown Twist Bottle

A Stunning Gift for an Exceptional Mum

Treat Mum with the most exquisite hand blown bottle made in Slovenia, a beauty in the Flaschengeist range. The bottle comes to life, when filled with our vibrant and delicious Australian-made Liqueurs. Choose from Blue Angel (Orange), Melon, Butterscotch & more!

Coming Soon...


Lychee & Lemon Martini Recipe

A Sweet & Exotic Delight

Use our Flaschengeist Lychee Liqueur to create this yummy Lychee & Lemon Martini. Celebrate in Style this Mother's Day!



1/4 cup Flaschengeist Lychee Liqueur
1 can of lychees & juice
Juice of a fresh lemon
Zest of one lemon


Blitz the lychees, liqueur, juices and zest with ice until mixed. Pour into a martini glass.


The Florence Bottle

24 Carat Gold Flake Options Available

For the Elegant Mum

A classy liquor gift complete with 24 Carat Gold Flakes! Make Mother's Day extra special when you gift Mum the Florence Bottle. Fill her bottle with Liqueurs including: Mango, Turkish Delight and more! Once it's empty, Mum can use the bottle to place her flowers inside and makes an elegant vase!

Coming Soon...

The Love Heart Bottle

24 Carat Gold Flake Options Available

The Perfect Gift to Show Your Love

The Love Heart Bottle is a gift she'll treasure forever! Spoil Mum with a delicious range of Australian-made Liqueurs including Lychee, Fig & Vodka, Turkish Delight and more. For that extra bling choose flavours with the 24 Carat Gold option.

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A Refreshing Twist of Fruity Flavours

Use our Flaschengeist Fruit Tingle Liqueur to create this delicious Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail. It's full of fruity flavours, and the Pink Persian fairy floss brings the High Tea vibe to Mother's Day!



60ml Flaschengeist Fruit Tingle Liqueur
Chilled Sparkling Rosé Wine
Pink Persian fairy floss to garnish


Add the liqueur into a champagne flute and top with the Sparkling Wine. To garnish add the fairy floss to sit on top of the glass.

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

The Skyline Bottle

For the Chic Mum

Spoil the Queen in your life with our gorgeous Skyline Bottle. Filled with yummy Liqueurs including: Espresso Cream, Chocolate Caramel (Limited Edition), Strawberry and more! This pretty Mother's Day gift, will sure make Mum's day!

Coming Soon...


We've put everything together beautifully, so you don't have to! Our unique gifts are perfect for treating Mum this Mother's Day:

- Unique Glass Bottle filled with delicious Australian-made Liqueur

- Premium Flaschengeist Signature Gift Box

- Elegant Flaschengeist Shot Glasses


Gift Box setup varies per bottle, see full product info for more details. Excludes Hand Blown Twist Bottle (Bottles Only).

Flaschengeist Mother's Day Gift Experience


Celebrate with Mum in style over a cocktail or two? Does your Mum have a sweet tooth, prefer a G&T with a twist or is she partial to a creamy concoction? Enjoy our Flasch creations over a long lunch or high tea soirée and cheers to your beautiful Mum.

Boozy Honeycomb Cocktail

Champagne Sorbet Spritz

Rose Gin & Tonic

White Chocolate & Raspberry Martini


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Here are a few of our favs... these make our day!

Upcycle Bottles for Mother's Day


Spoil Mum with a gift she won't forget! When you choose Flaschengeist, Mum will be super impressed with a gift she'll treasure. Order your gifts today and get ready to make her day!

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Unique Mother's Day Gifts - Flaschengeist

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Honour Your Mum on Mother’s Day

Mothers sacrifice and provide opportunities for their kids for many years. They stay up with sick kids, kiss scraped knees and never shy away from supporting and cheering on the entire household. Everyone owes their mothers so much. Although we show them love every day, there is one day a year when it's all about her. Why not celebrate Mother’s Day by showering your mum with love and gifts? When you use Flaschengeist, you can treat your mum to the perfect gift for her to treasure with almost no effort.


What You Can Expect from Our Mother’s Day Hampers in Australia


We understand what an important role mothers play in the world; they nurture us, and no matter how old we become, most people always turn to mum for her advice or just for comfort. We are excited about putting together special Mother’s Day hampers for you to gift to her this year.


  • Specially designed. Not all mothers are the same, so we have a range for different types of mums, from chic and elegant to fun and complex. We offer our customers a variety of choices so they can purchase the perfect gift for mum. For the classic mum, we have heart-shaped bottles filled with either raspberry or chocolate liqueur.
  • Gold flakes. Spoil your mum with our gold flake-infused liqueurs. The 24-carat gold flakes are edible and gold flakes have been consumed for centuries, starting with the Egyptians who added gold to their drinks and food.
  • Perfectly gift wrapped. Appearance can make a huge impact when you present your gift to your mum, and we have taken this into account, which is why all our hampers come in perfectly presentable boxes which are not only beautiful but also protect the contents.


When Buying a Mother’s Day Hamper, Consider This


It does not have to be challenging to find the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life. After all, she carried you for nine months, and although it is not necessary to repay her for her sacrifices, making an effort to spoil her is easy with our products.


  • Does she have a sweet tooth? If your mum enjoys the sweeter things in life, our chocolate liqueurs are the perfect choice for you.
  • Order early. To avoid disappointment, order your Mother’s Day gift early; this will ensure your mum receives her surprise on the right day, whether you are presenting it to her yourself or we deliver it directly to her home.
  • It should come from the heart. While we stock all types of gifts for you to choose from, yours should come from the heart. Keep this in mind when you go through our website. Remember you know your mum the best, so you will know which choice is the right one.


About Flaschengeist

We are a family-owned business with 19 years' experience in the industry. We believe in exclusivity, which is why we stock select gifts for any occasion. We offer many specials, and purchasing is made easier with online ordering and free delivery to most major cities and towns in Australia. Should you want to cancel your order, you can do so within 24 hours of placing your order.

Don’t forget to contact us to purchase the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day.