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Gift Hamper with Bundaberg Rum and Guitar Bottle

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Guitar Bottle Fills:

Guitar Bottle Fills

A pretty cool gift hamper with Bundaberg Rum 

Rum and coke beverages are classic drink options that have long been popular among seasoned drinkers and newbies alike.  At Flaschengeist, we know how good the mix can turn out. With our gift hampers in hand and a range of options, we’re all about giving that special muso in your life exactly what they like and want. This hamper is perfect for the guitarist and music enthusiast as it really hits the right note (pun intended). 

The Flaschengeist Guitar Bottle

So let's add another element of cool to this hamper, the Flaschengeist Guitar Bottle. Our one-of-a-kind Guitar Bottle is loved by music lovers and guitarists all over Australia! Beautifully crafted from premium glass, you will appreciate the intricate detail this bottle has to offer. Once the bottle is empty it can be refilled with any number of things, including Bundaberg Rum to make a stunning centrepiece or bar display. 


Rum & Raisin Bundaberg Chocolate Make Everything Better

It would be cruel to give them that much Rum & Liqueur without some food to soak up all that booze. Send it to his house or send it to him at the office…if you want to get in on the action, be there when he opens it and maybe he’ll pour you a drink.

They are bound to love this gift hamper with Bundaberg Rum

By combining the love for music, free spirit, and the enjoyment of Bundaberg Rum, this gift hamper will be a perfect tribute to their passions and create a truly memorable gift experience.

What's inside the box?

Flaschengeist Guitar Bottle 500ml - filled with your choice of liqueur 

Bundaberg Rum Original 375ml

Bundaberg Rum & Cola Can 375ml

Chocolatier Bundaberg Rum & Raisin 110g

Australian-made Liqueurs and Spirits

Honey Highland Liqueur (21% alc/vol) - A smooth highlands flavours and honey are all combined to create this smooth flavoured liqueur. Perfect for a Whiskey drinker. Best served chilled over ice.

Southern Liqueur (21% alc/vol) - Smokey oak barrel and molasses flavours with a hint of caramel, although not too sweet! Perfect for a Bourbon drinker. Best served chilled over ice.


Can I swap flavours? All our bottles are pre-filled so we only offer the fills available and cannot swap flavours.

Can items in one order be sent to different addresses from one order? Our transport system is automated and can only read one shipping address per order. To send to multiple addresses this will need to be done as individual orders.

Do you sell the bottles without the Gift Boxes + Shot Glasses? All bottles are only available in the GIft Box set, not sold individually.

Are bottles available empty? We know how many of you love collecting glass, but we don't sell our bottles empty.

What are the expiry dates for your liqueurs? All non-creamy liqueurs last approximately 5 years. We recommend you keep your bottle in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight or on display in a brightly lit room.

Will an invoice be included if this is for a gift? We never include invoices with our deliveries, only a packing slip with no prices.


Do you deliver Australia-wide? Yes, all states

Where do you ship from? We are based in Melbourne and ship all goods from our warehouse direct.

What couriers do you use? Australia Post. You will receive full tracking information once your order is dispatched from our warehouse.


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Gift Hamper with Bundaberg Rum and Guitar Bottle
Gift Hamper with Bundaberg Rum and Guitar Bottle Sale price$137.00