Cocktail Recipe Strawberry Mint Bourbon Smash

We think everyday should be national Cocktail Day! Imagine it was, what would you be sipping on tonight? Here's a cocktail recipe that combines an unusual but surprisingly delicious of Jim Beam Bourbon and our Flaschengeist Strawberry Liqueur. Now before you look away and scrunch your nose up and think, "but I don't drink Bourbon" well your not alone, but stay with us here. Ok, so traditionally you envisage the old man at the bar ordering his usual Jim Beam and Coke? Well you are not wrong in your generalisation but today mixologists have taken the unsung heroes of the bar and turned them into crowd pleasers. 

Dig out that bottle of Bourbon and your Aperol plus a bottle of Strawberry Liqueur and let's get mixing!!!


60ml Jim Beam Bourbon

30ml Flaschengeist Strawberry Liqueur

30ml Aperol

1 tsp Lemon Syrup or fresh lemon juice

2 strawberries chopped 



In a mixing glass, combine chopped strawberries and a large sprig of mint with the bourbon. Muddle into a pulp. Add the  Aperol, Liqueur, Lemon Syrup/juice. Stir with ice until chilled. Strain into a glass full of ice. Garnish with strawberry slices, lemon wheel and fresh mint. 


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