Cocktail Recipe The Old Fashioned with Butterscotch

There is a lot to love about the old-fashioned drink. Here’s why we think you’ll love it.

  • The old-fashioned is a classic cocktail recipe every budding home bartender should know.
  • Whiskey lovers will adore this spirit-forward cocktail.
  • Customize it with your favorite flavors, from flavored syrups to bitters to bourbon.

What is an old-fashioned drink.

An old-fashioned drink is a classic cocktail made with whisky, simple syrup, cocktail bitters, a cocktail cherry and a piece of orange zest.

The old-fashioned is usually made with whisky, though it can be made with other spirits like tequila, mezcal and aged rum.

Traditionally made with the addition of cocktail cherries and orange zest, it can be customized with other types of fruit, ice, flavored simple syrups, bitters and even flavored whisky.


The old-fashioned is an easy recipe to customise to your own liking.

Over the years, I have followed that bartending school recipe less and less and less. My husband makes them for himself at least once a week and claims to have perfected my recipe!

This is what we usually put in our old-fashioneds:

The best cocktail cherries

Some old-fashioned recipes don’t call for cherries, and some do. Some folks add a little spoonful of juice for more cherry flavor. It’s all about personal preference.

In my opinion, the best cherries for an old-fashioned cocktail are homemade cocktail cherries, in my opinion, but you can certainly buy them and have wonderful results. (I do, often!)


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